How Can Your Magic Eight Words Really Make A Differance?

What does your WordPress site really add to the world? Why will people need to read and, now with Shoutworks and the Alexa, hear what you have to say?

The big problem is people only have so much time to split between their family, jobs and Netflix. There are only so many hours and minutes in the day.

You need to tell people quickly and concisely what your web page is all about. How will you make their day just a little bit better? And more importantly, why should they listen to what the Alexa has to say about your website?

Let me start with a little story to illustrate the eight-word dilemma…

Many years ago, I was at a trade show. There were hundreds of booths representing all sorts of companies. I didn’t have a lot of time so I just wanted to walk up and down the aisles and see what caught my attention. Unfortunately, most companies spent a lot of money and traveled a long way but their marvelously constructed trade show booths did not concisely say what the companies actually could do for me. The right eight words would have stopped me and made me want to engage with the company to learn more.

This is why Shoutworks provides you a quick way to Inform people about exactly what you do and why it will change their world. It’s the first thing Alexa will say when people open your website Skill. It assures visitors they have come to the right place and sort of invites them inside your world.

The Shoutworks “Inform” box can take a lot of text. We haven’t really tested how much it can take. Hundreds of words maybe. But take my word for it… less is more. Try to keep it to eight or less words.

The key thing is that by the time the Alexa says your last word people need to remember the first word.

Also, the shorter your “Inform” description is the more likely people will talk about it. You want people to hear your “Inform” description on the Alexa and be able to tell their friends what you are all about.

Fill in the blank… “I just heard a great website all about _________________”

A short description helps them remember and tell others.

You may already have your great eight words but if you don’t or want to make them better here are some basic steps to formulate your “Inform” description:

  1. Open a word-processing document and be ready to brainstorm.
  2. Don’t think too hard at this point. <- This should be easy.
  3. Randomly type words and phrases all related to your website and why you exist. The more words now the better. Be unstructured and let the words flow.
  4. Next scan through the list and pick out the words that get you the most excited. It’s okay if there are more than eight at this point.
  5. Next pick the eight words that really describe what you do.
  6. Try to piece the words together into a descriptive line. (Note: Connecting words like The, For, A, etc… Do not count for your eight word count. )
  7. Try your description out on people and see how they react. A string indicator is that they want to hear more.
  8. Cut, prune, add, words and keep trying them out on people until you get to something that really gets you and others excited.

When you construct your description it’s always good to try and surprise and delight people.

Once you formulate your site description here are the steps to set it up so Alexa will use it to introduce your website:

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard then click on Shoutworks in the dashboard.
  2.  The Shoutwork plugin panel will appear. Click in the |Inform | tab.
  3. The Shoutworks Inform screen will appear. Our AI may have already filled something in here but if you want to change it type in your shiny new site description then click on the [ Update ] button. Don’t forget to click on that [ Update ] button.

Within minutes the Alexa will read your new site description to the world.

Here’s another quick example of what a great company/site description can do….

There was this small company that was entering the very crowded and fragmented area of investment news, education, and trading data. There were the known big companies in this category like Standard & Poor’s, Bloomberg, and MarketWatch. And there were another fifty small players.

How could this company differentiate themselves in this crowded pack of wild hungry hyenas?

Using the steps above they formulated the eight words that would launch the company and help people know why they were different and worth their time.

This is what they came up with… “Better Strategies For Making Money – For People With A Sense Of Humor.”

If you cut out the connecting words (For, With, A, Of) there are only seven words.

And if you didn’t get it by reading their description, they added this at the top of their service page: “This Is How The Big Guys Do It… That’s How They Got So Big!”

How many words… Cut out the connecting words (This, Is, How, The, It, That’s, How, They) and you have six words.

I have been calling this a site description but it can also be called a slogan or tag line. I don’t want to sound to much like a 21st Century Don Draper but a good site description or slogan can make a big difference.

To help you get started on your journey to a better site description here are some resources out on the web. Have fun…

Sites Description, Slogan, Tag Line Resources ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


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