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Why Shoutworks?

Ultimately, you depend on being able to inform, engage, sell, and support. Shoutworks is a new way to achieve your goals, through the new medium of voice.

Now, instead of having to pay for an Alexa Developer to create your custom skill or struggling for hours with confusing technical tools, all it takes is a little imagination. What do you want to say to your people? For a step-by-step look at how to get started, check out our Quick Start Guide.

One-fifth of US adults have an Alexa device.

Shoutworks lets you use Alexa to grow your business in one click.

Engage your audience, drive new leads, boost sales, and do support automatically through Alexa’s voice, using your existing content.

Alexa is the chatbot in everyone’s living room. Now Amazon’s army of smart assistants is yours. Here’s how to use them.

You may have heard how difficult it is to create an Alexa Skill (this is what Amazon calls the apps that work on Alexa voice assistant devices). You may have even tried to create a Skill on your own. Shoutworks was built to take care of all the technical stuff for you. It certainly hasn’t been easy: Our team of six has been working for months to give you a platform that intelligently deals with every step of creating a Skill—so you don’t have to. With the platform we’ve built, all you need to do is click one button and your Skill can be published. Try it! You’ll see how easy it is.

It means that many, many people have Alexa—or have access to Alexa—and can be your audience through voice. There are over 200 million actual Amazon Alexa devices in the US alone (there were 100 million at the end of 2018). Amazon has been selling them hard for years, and you can often get one for just $25 or less, because they want a presence in every home in order to engage more deeply in people’s everyday lives. Guess what—now you can too.

With Shoutworks, we want to make that network, that presence, available to you. But that’s not all. Amazon has also created quickly installable software so that almost any computer, tablet, or smartphone can be turned into an Alexa device. That’s our 4 billion Alexa-ready devices. Ultimately, it’s a whole lot of people—and a whole lot of potential reach for your brand, your content, and your voice.

Think about all the times that reading is just not an option, whether you’re driving, cooking, doing dishes, or standing on an overpacked NYC subway. People expect your content to cater to them. They want your insights, deals, flash briefings, and perspective-altering quotes, and they don’t want to wait until they have a hand free to look at their screen. There’s a reason why over 30% of the US population listens to podcasts monthly (up from 10% in 2013)—because voice is often just a better way to consume content. You also want your content to reach people of different abilities—even if they are dyslexic, blind, or low-vision. Alexa is great for making your content accessible to everyone, because she’ll not only say your content aloud, but she can be called up completely with voice as well.
You work so hard on your posts—why confine them to tiny words on screens? With Shoutworks, you can make them come alive through the voice of Alexa. She is an AI, but her AI has improved a lot thanks to Amazon’s resources, and she can sound surprisingly human. Skeptical that she’ll be able to give your writing the live reading it deserves? Our hunch is that Alexa will impress you, and in any case there’s only one way to find out. Give it a shot and see! Click the Publish button inside Shoutworks, and within seconds Alexa will be able to read your words to the world. And why stop at that? Shoutworks offers even more options to engage your audience through a Quote of the Day, a Flash Briefing, or even a Deal of the Day to drive purchases on your online store.
One way to expand your audience is to get people talking about your content. Tell them something that will brighten their day, give them an insight, or just make them laugh, and they’re much more likely to tell others. This is why a big part of Shoutworks is about engaging your audience, and it’s why we provide you the tools to do this quickly and efficiently with voice.  Once people hear your daily quote, they’ll be back for more. Not only that, but they may tell their friends what they learned from it. Before you know it, more and more people will be listening to your Alexa Skill. Try this one to start: “Don’t take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” Elbert Green Hubbard (Born June 19, 1856, died May 7, 1915), the author of this quote, was also an American artist, writer, philosopher, soap seller, entrepreneur, vaudeville artist, bohemian, horseman, humorist, printer, novelist, moralist, farmer, selfish, liar, plagiarist, fervent supporter of big business, avid defender of individual rights, anti-intellectual, defender of the arts, macho, and feminist. Busy guy.
If you have a few hundred hours and/or a PhD from MIT you could probably spin up an awesome Alexa Skill on your own. But if you want to save a bit of time and expense, you can use Shoutworks for the Alexa and instead use your PhD to tackle climate change or find a way to stop spam calls on our cell phones.
You don’t need to pay Amazon a cent for your Alexa Skill. You probably already give them enough money for all the other stuff you buy from them. We’ve got you covered on this one.
Once you’ve found your people, whether they’re your readers, customers, users, or other stakeholders, you want to keep them happy. They have questions. They want to talk to you. They have ideas to share. They agree and disagree with you. Sure, they can find your support email and type out their message on their keyboard, but it’s often so much easier to just say it with voice. With Shoutworks, your people can just dictate their question, comment, idea, or rant to you through their Alexa device. Alexa will dutifully take down their message and send it to you via email. What you do with it then is up to you. (A kind and cordial reply might be best.)
We love small businesses and we love food so first of all, we’re big fans. With Shoutworks, you can quickly set up a Deal Of The Day that will put more butts in seats. Something like, “Today at Lou Mitchells, all our omelets are two dollars off. All you have to do is say the word ALEXA to your waitress.” On the way to work in the morning, hungry people can use their Alexa-enabled smartphone to hear your great offer. You can change it whenever you want and even include a lunch special. Save some for us!
Before, you had to depend on people sitting in front if their computers so they could read your newsletter or hunt around your web page for your morning stock market ideas, better ways to invest, or your hot stock tips. Now your people can just call up your Alexa Skill and ask for you daily flash briefing. We know the stock market is open all day do here’s a little secret… Using Shoutworks, you can publish as many flash briefings as you can type (or copy-paste). All day. And we know things can be time sensitive. That’s why seconds after you type in your briefing your words of wisdom will be spoken by Alexas all over the world. People want to hear what you have to say. Try it!
All health experts from Nutritionists to Chiropractors, and from Dentists to Urologists, all have one priority: Helping people get and stay healthy. Now you have a new tool in your toolset. With a weekly “Better Health” informative post, for example, your patients can hear your health tips read in Alexa’s delightful voice. Or you can use the Shoutworks Flash Briefing feature to advertise your vacation schedule so people can plan to only get sick when you’re back in the office.
If selling stuff is important to you, Shoutworks has you covered. Whether you are offering used skis or an original Norman Rockwell painting, our Deal of the Day is the quickest way for people to find out about your latest offers. People love deals, so why not give them what they want? When they call up your Alexa Skill, your Deal of the Day will tell the world what you have and why they need to move fast to get this incredible value. And supplies are limited, since you only have the one Norman Rockwell painting, so you can urge them to buy fast.
Your web presence is now Alexa enabled. It’s talking! Why keep it a secret? We have a handy button you can put on your website to tell everyone your website is now Alexa Enabled. They can hear your content where ever they are by just shouting at their Alexa. You can email your readers the name of your Alexa skill and all they need to say to their Alexa is something like. “Alexa, enable Joes Pizza News” and they will be able to hear whatever you have to say.

Why should you pay for anything? In a utopian world everything would be free and plentiful forever. Unfortunately, utopia only exists in fiction books and a few small communes in California. We are not on one of those communes, so we have bills to pay. That said, we believe in affordability, and making something that people can actually use. Charging a small subscription fee helps us do that. We think we offer you an awesome value proposition. Plus, you get the first 30 days free to try things out. After that, if you are ever not completely satisfied, you are covered by the Shoutworks 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which allows you to cancel at any time, no extra charge.

First of all, thank you so much for your efforts to make the world a better place for all of us. We need more people like you. We offer a special reduced price of $4.99 per month for verified non-profit organizations. Even if we can help you inform, attract, and engage one new donor it should offset this minimal cost.