What If One Sheet Of Paper Can Make All The Difference?

I don’t want to take you to a dark place right now but this could actually make you feel better in some way… Before commandoes embark on a raid, brain surgeons crack open a patient, NASA Astronauts ventures out for a spacewalk, or pilots fly a passenger jet, they all have one thing in common… They use an extensive quick reference guide and checklist to be sure they proceed correctly and not miss a detail that could cause trouble later.

Read on for how one sheet of paper makes all the difference for these critical tasks an dyour tasks, too.  The difference between success and failure can come down to something called a Cheatsheet…

The four tasks above are all life and death situations and require a focused attention to detail. Most of us will never be confronted with these kind of situations but sometimes the stress or our everyday lives, work, and this crazy world can seem like life and death to us at times.

Can Cheatsheets help us too?

A good Cheatsheet can give you an essential edge. It can let you focus on the task at hand and minimize the risk of missing an essential step. It can help things go smoother and faster.

Read on for the steps you create and use Cheatsheets in everyday life…

You could create cheetsheets for things like planning your weekly meal plan so you shop smarter and waste less food, a reference guide for your baby sitter, or month end bill payments and accounting for yourself or your business.  Using a cheetsheet can make a big difference.

When it comes to building and effective Cheatsheet there are a few common characteristics:

  1. Advance Preparation – You need to create your Cheatsheet in advance. Before you really need it. In a calmer quieter setting go through the steps of what you are trying to do and consider each step. How you can do it smarter, faster, and with fewer steps. You may start building the information you want to use in several documents. Then edit and organize form there.
  2. Task Flow – Try to identify and sketch the task flow. How one thing leads to the next in progression. Point out the dependence each task element has on the previous element.
  3. Three Most Important Things – Ask yourself what are the three most important things about the task you want to accomplish? If you don’t do anything else but do these three things correctly things will be okay. Listing these can really help if you are time crunched for some reason.
  4. Essential Tips and References – When you are trying to get something done don’t you hate when you need to search around for things. What a waste of time. If everything you need is right in front of your on a handy Cheatsheet your frustration will be lower and the task might even be stress free and more fun. If you create your cheetsheet as a computerized document in a word processor, presentation program or even a spreadsheet you can include live links to web pages with just the information you need.
  5. Checklists – Each task element in the overall task flow will have one or several things that need to be right. These checklists are the place to list those critical things to be done. So often in the heat of a bigger task you can miss something. Using a checklist assures that everything gets done.
  6. Emergency Items – What if something goes wrong? What if a situation comes up and you aren’t sure what to do next? And what if just walking away is not an option? A section of your Cheatsheet should have the phone numbers and contact info to get someone who can help you when you need the help the most. Kind of like a lifeline in the time of need. It will be all righ there on your cheasheet so you don’t need to look around for it when you might be a little panicked.

You are probably not an Army Commando, Nasa Astronaut, or Brain Surgeon but a good Cheatsheet can help you with most any task, process, or project.  Chances are that they person who is getting ahead probably has a Cheatsheet hidden somewhere.

As humans we have been communicating with voice for over 200,000 years. Printed words and keyboards have only appeared in the relative recent past. While non-voice communications can be convenient and quick sometimes, when we really need something done voice is the way to go. Nothing catches the intent, meaning and urgency better than the spoken word.

The first way you communicate with people is through your web page and content. This is probably the first and last thing people see when they discover and engage with you and your organization.

A few years back websites were caught off guard when mobile device and tablet use exploded. Now well over 50% of all web access is from mobile devices. Hopefully your web site has a mobile responsive design. If not, you are cutting out over 50% of your possible visitors.

And now, smart voice device use is similarly growing exponentially…  Is it any surprise people gravitate to voice? It has been our go-to way to communicate for over 200,000 years. When they want something done now, most people use voice!

There are over 150+ Million Alexa Devices and 4.5+ Billion Alexa-Ready devices in the world. And growing. If you aren’t there today, you may be missing a big chunk of potential people.

Of course, there is a one-click solution to voice enable your web content. It’s fast, free, and AI driven so all the programming work is automatic. With one click you will hear your web content spoken by your Alexa device.

Shoutworks is a fully automated one-click AI Powered Amazon Alexa Voice Skill creator that voice enables content from WordPress webpages so your users can hear your content wherever they are and what ever they are doing.

Plus, all new users who sign up for a Shoutworks account will receive our COVID-19 Essential Cheatsheet – Business Edition. This reference sheet is packed with essential information, links, and resources that can help your business carry on and weather the crisis over the coming weeks or months.

Why use voice to reach your people? Alexa devices and their hundreds of millions of owners are sitting in living rooms, cars and kitchens all over the world just waiting to hear your valuable website content.

What are you waiting for? Try Shoutworks free today!

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