The Key to Social Media Success: Market Like a Media Company

The biggest problem with online marketing is simple: When marketing feels like marketing, we hate it.

There’s so much noise online. If you are looking to stand out, you need to do something truly different.

We’ve all had experience of annoying ads showing up on social media and YouTube. If you want to truly win an audience and boost sales online, you can’t be like those ads.

Instead, you need to give people content that they want to consume. Give them something that helps them with their goals. That makes them feel better about the world and themselves.

And do you know who’s really good at that? Media companies.

Read on to learn how to market yourself like you’re a media company in order to truly find success for your business online. You’ll be surprised how this simple concept can help you create a lasting business in the digital world.


From Wistia: The Key to Social Media Success: Marketing Like a Media Company


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