Can Non-Profit Organizations Really Change The World For the Better?

What would the world be like without “do-gooders” doing all the hard work of changing things for the better?

Without organizations like the Red Cross, The Boys & Girls Clubs, and The Alzheimer’s Association with their incredible missions our world would be much less wonderful.

We at Shoutworks think it’s important that all non-profits be heard. And what better way than over Alexa devices.  That’s why we offer non-profit organizations special pricing.

Simply sign up for the lower priced non-profit service on our Pricing & Plans page.  You will get the same service as our full priced offering but at a 50% discount.

When you sign up you will get your first month free and during that month our Director of Non-Profit Programs will contact you to verify that you are truly a recognized non-profit organization. We will ask for your tax ID so we can check it in GuideStar to verify your non-profit status.

Stay tuned for more special thigs we have in store for non-profit organizations…