The Shoutworks Story

Introducing Shoutworks

Shoutworks is the world’s first one-click way to build an audience and drive leads through Amazon Alexa. It’s a WordPress plugin that turns your web content into an Alexa skill in one click, making it easy to recruit 200+ million Alexa devices as your personal chatbots in people’s living rooms, kitchens, and cars.


Cutting-edge techno-magic

Those 200+ million Alexas are now your personal AI robot army. What will you do with them?

The magic isn’t that Shoutworks lets you automatically create and publish an Alexa presence in one click, right from the WordPress admin panel. The magic is that you can use your existing web content combined with a set of skill templates optimized to drive intentful leads through Alexa. No one has ever made it so easy and so worthwhile to create a voice presence.

People are using Shoutworks to broadcast their latest news, inspire people through daily quotes, drive sales through daily deals, improve accessibility and engagement by reading out blog posts, and interact with people directly through Shoutworks’ in-built support features.

By building for Alexa, the US market leader, and WordPress, which powers 35% of the internet, Shoutworks is poised to rapidly accelerate the adoption of voice in our everyday lives.


Helping people take advantage of a big trend

One side effect of the current global pandemic is that many people are spending more time than ever at home with their smart speakers. Shoutworks has hit the market just in time to allow businesses and individuals to take advantage of this trend and engage their audiences interactively, using the over 200 million Alexa devices. That’s not to mention the over 4 billion Alexa-enabled devices, which include smartphones and laptops where the Alexa app can be downloaded.

Now almost anyone can leverage the platform long monopolized by big companies like the BBC, which gets between 1.5 and 2 million engagements per week through voice. You used to have to pay a developer hundreds or thousands of dollars to have a voice presence. Shoutworks changes that.

Shoutworks is about to launch its Free Tier, which means anyone can create their Alexa skill automatically, for free. If you want to go pro for more features, it’s a 30 day free trial then $9.99 / month and $4.99 / month for nonprofits.

Until June 22nd the company is running a new user promotion in which we are offering every new user $1,050 in discounts for popular services like logo design, custom swag, digital marketing help, and more. We know it takes an investment to try something new, but we put this package together so it’s clear that in more ways than one, people can’t afford not to have a voice presence.


Why care about Shoutworks?

Now that anyone can create an Alexa skill automatically straight from WordPress, there are endless possibilities. Here are a few of the implications:

  • Shoutworks is the first time a company other than Amazon has successfully automated the full process of creating and publishing an Alexa skill, no Amazon account sign-in required.
  • It’s official: Over a third of US adults now own a smart speaker.
  • All the big digital marketing experts say voice is one of the defining trends of 2020: Moz, Backlinko, Neil, Eric, and on and on.
  • This could represent a new paradigm in how people interact with the digital world. Imagine if every website was navigable with just your voice—how would the world be different?
  • Have a blog? Alexa can read your articles to people while they’re doing the dishes. 
  • Post inspiring quotes on Twitter? Get Alexa to automatically read your latest tweets as soon as you post them.
  • Have news to share? Create a flash briefing that tells people about it.
  • Got discounts? Share a “deal of the day” to get the word out.
  • There’s even a Support feature that lets people send you an email through Alexa using just their voice.
  • Shoutworks automatically updates your Alexa skill whenever you update your content in WordPress, so you have full control.
  • Shoutworks is running a new user promotion in which they’re offering every new user $1,050 in discounts for popular services like logo design, custom swag, digital marketing help, and more.
  • And much, much more… the possibilities are endless!

The platform has seen a positive initial response, with more than 30 skills published and over 100 in development since its beta launch in the beginning of April, and growing fast.


Who is behind Shoutworks?

Christian, from New York, and Buddhika, from Sri Lanka, met in 2017 in a startup program for international founders in Paris, France, and there started a technical consulting and recruiting company together. After meeting Victor, American technology industry veteran and current Shoutworks chairman, they began to explore the possibilities of voice as a computing interface and haven’t looked back.

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Give Shoutworks a try completely free!

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