Skill Name vs. Invocation Name, What’s the Difference?

We get this question a lot, so we thought we’d write a whole post about it! 


What your Skill is called, and what Invocation Name you choose, can really affect how your Skill performs out in the marketplace. If you have a fairly memorable, descriptive Skill and Invocation name, it can make all the difference. 


Skill Name vs. Invocation Name

First, what is the difference between a Skill Name and the Skill’s Invocation Name? 


Here’s the short version:


The Skill Name is what users see.

The Invocation Name is what users say.


The Skill Name is what users see when they look on the Amazon Alexa Skill Store. Let’s take the example of the Make Me Smart Skill. In this Skill, the Skill Name is Make Me Smart.


The Invocation Name is what users say to Alexa when they want to call up your Skill. This should be three words or less, and easy to remember. To call up the Make Me Smart Skill, users just have to say “Alexa, make me smart!” 


But the key difference is that you can name your Skill something (the Skill Name) that’s different from how they call up the Skill on Alexa (the Invocation Name). It might be better to keep them the same so users remember more easily, but you do you!


Here are a few examples to get you inspired:


Examples from real skills

Skill Name: Boss Baby

  • Invocation Name: boss baby
  • Example: “Alexa, open boss baby.”


Skill Name: Guided Meditation: Meditation of the Day for Calm

  • Invocation Name: guided meditation
  • Example: “Alexa, open guided meditation.”


Skill Name: The Economist Espresso

  • Invocation Name: espresso
  • Example: “ Alexa, ask espresso for Today’s Agenda.”


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