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2. Why Alexa is the low effort, high reward marketing play you don't want to miss

If you walk away from this with nothing else, remember: Once your Alexa skill gets 40 five-star reviews, the Amazon algorithm will start to promote you.

If you can hit the 40 five-star reviews mark, you will start to see growth explode.

It's easier to get leads and get paid from Amazon Alexa than any other channel right now

This is what we see time and again with the top Alexa skills.

Once you get 40 five-star reviews, people will start finding you from across the country and around the world. It won’t stop until thousands are engaging with your passion, your mission, your business.

To put this in context, YouTube’s algorithm won’t kick in until you reach 2,000 subscribers. 2,000! That’s an order of magnitude higher than the 40 you need on Alexa.

Granted, giving a five-star review takes slightly more effort on the user’s part than just clicking the subscribe button, but not much. It is not only extremely doable, but as a marketing platform Alexa is an order of magnitude easier than YouTube or Instagram. 

Here's how to make money from Amazon without listing any products

Instead of ads, Amazon will pay you directly if your Alexa skill becomes one of the top in its category. This is what they call “Alexa Developer Rewards,” but thanks to Shoutworks, this incentive scheme is now open to non-developers too. 

All you need to do is provide the content, and our software provides you with a fully optimized Alexa skill automatically through our One-Click Alexa Skill Creator.

When you start earning monthly payments from Amazon through Alexa Developer Rewards, Shoutworks only keeps 30% plus transaction fees, you keep the rest. Considering it’s free to get started, that’s a pretty good deal!

This is a no brainer if you have any kind of existing audience

If you have an existing audience or community of any kind, on any platform, you can start getting hundreds or thousands of leads, and get paid hundreds or thousands per month from Amazon, within days or weeks

There are 4B+ Alexa-ready devices. Over 1/3 of all Americans have a smart speaker device. A good chunk of your audience would probably adopt your Alexa skill if you had one.

Once people are using your Alexa skill, you can use this incredible feature to drive your Alexa subscribers to buy more stuff and engage with you.

How to drive 15,000 purchases in under 6 minutes

That is not a typo. This actually happened, and it is the perfect example of the flash voice promotion – how the smartest brands use Alexa to drive a ton of people to buy in a very short period of time.

Here’s how it went down:

Nike wanted to launch a new $350 pair of sneakers with a bang. So they set up a voice skill and bought an ad during an NBA game telling people two things: 1) they could only reserve their sneakers through voice, starting at a certain time. And 2) there was limited stock.

The result? At the appointed time, 15,000 people tried to order their sneakers. They only had about 2,000 in stock. Still, $700,000 in revenue in under 6 minutes? That is nuts, whether you’re Nike or not.

And here’s what’s cool: With Shoutworks, you can skip the TV ad buying part that Nike did. To drive people to action, you can send notifications directly to subscribers through Alexa herself.

If you run a store, you're throwing away money by not doing this

Send Alexa notifications with a 99% open rate

Notifications on Alexa get a 99% open rate – yes, really! So take those promotions you’re already running on email, and run them on Alexa too.

Just type the message you want Alexa to say and press “Publish”, and your notification is on its way. Here’s more about Alexa notifications.

What’s the takeaway? If you run a store, you’re throwing away money by not doing this. Let’s look at it step by step:

  1. Get people to use your Alexa skill by sharing on your newsletter, social, etc.
  2. Send an Alexa notification with a special promotion, like “only 100 in stock, first come first serve” or “20% off everything for the next hour”.
  3. Watch the sales pour in.

In the next part of this series, we’ll reveal step-by-step how anyone can start getting leads and getting paid through Alexa in under 30 days.

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