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1. Real Stories: How Jess, David and others get 6,000+ leads per day and get paid $10,000+ per month just from Alexa

For the first time, anyone can create an Alexa skill in one click. This is the story of why that matters, why Alexa is the next big opportunity on the internet, and how it could revolutionize your business.

"Amazon helping you out is number 1" - Jess Williams

Jess Williams

Jess and her team had just labored for weeks to create her Alexa skill, and now it had finally gone live.

Jess is a hustler. With a background as a consultant, she knows how hard work can pay off big.

But she had no idea just what a huge payoff she was about to get.

Her new Alexa skill, Guess My Name, was a fun concept, and she was excited when it went live on the Amazon Alexa skill store. 

In true hustler fashion, she started pestering her friends and family to give it reviews. She sent out emails, even convinced friends to put it in their email newsletters. She posted in Facebook groups.

Within 3 weeks, her skill had almost 40 five-star reviews – Jess was pleased, but wanted more.

She was not prepared for what happened next.

When she hit 40 five-star reviews, her skill immediately got featured by Amazon in the “Latest Skills” section on the Alexa skill store homepage. 

Once you’re there, she says, “you’re bubbled up to the top.”

All of a sudden, her skill was featured on, the biggest product search engine in the world. She started getting hundreds of new users on her skill from around the world. And that number was increasing.

3 short weeks later, the roof blew off. She looked at her stats, and she couldn’t believe it.

Her skill had gotten over 6,000 new users in one day.

Surely this was a fluke, right? What had happened?

3 weeks later, her Alexa skill was getting 6,000 new users per day

Just 3 weeks after being featured in the “Latest Skills” section of, her skill was featured on the “hero banner” section inside the Alexa app. This is when the mayhem started.

A few days after getting featured in the Alexa app, she looked at her analytics. Her jaw dropped.

Her Alexa skill was getting an average of 6,000+ new users per day. In just a few weeks, her skill’s audience had gone from zero to tens of thousands. And in a couple more months? Hundreds of thousands of users, and beyond.

If you’re reading this and thinking, What does this matter for me?, I implore you to just think for a second:

What could you do with 6,000+ new leads per day?

I’m telling you Jess’s story because I know one thing you don’t.

I know that today, you can repeat her results with very little effort.

Not only that, you can monetize Alexa using a number of proven methods – and the rewards can be massive.

Jess's results are repeatable

After researching the stories of creators like Jess, I discovered that there is a fundamentally repeatable process behind each one of these Alexa success stories. Each of them has a few things in common – and if you carry out these actions, you have a very good chance of replicating their massive results.

This series is about why achieving massive success through Amazon Alexa is easier today than on any other channel.

I don’t expect things to stay this way for long. Because there is so little competition, the market for Alexa skills is still ripe with opportunity in a wide range of niches.

As the word gets out, those opportunities will dwindle. 

Count yourself lucky: Since you’re here, right now, reading this, you have a chance to ride this massive wave.

And now you don’t have to be a developer, or even technical at all, in order to take advantage. That’s why we made Shoutworks.

But before we get to the how, let’s look at a couple more examples that will show you the sheer possibilities in front of you right now.

"It was awesome getting the first check," says David Markey. "It paid my rent in full."

22-year old college student David Markey

When David got his first Alexa device, he started using it as a cooking timer and liked to use it to listen to the news. That was it – a fun, useful toy.

One day, he had the idea to use Alexa to help him expand his vocabulary. So he created Word of the Day, an Alexa skill that shares one new word a day and tells you its meaning.

What happened next was completely unexpected.

Almost immediately after launch, his skill was getting thousands of users.

Then tens of thousands.

Then hundreds of thousands, all over the world. It was huge in South Korea, and in many other countries.

Within a month, David's Alexa skill was getting tens of thousands of users.

But here’s the crazy part: David hadn’t done any marketing.

He didn’t post on Facebook groups, or run ads, or send out emails. How had this happened?

David had stumbled upon Alexa’s secret power to drive organic discovery

It turns out that many other people around the world had had the same idea as David. They wanted to be able to learn new words from Alexa. So when a few of them searched, they found David’s skill.

The skill was high-quality, so users left good reviews. And the cycle picked up speed. In under 30 days, David’s was one of the top skills in the world.

What is the takeaway?

If you can create something people are looking for, you can ride a powerful wave of organic growth.

Your skill idea matters, and so does how you phrase it. If you create something that people are already searching for, your growth can take off like a rocket with very little effort.

And even better: There are many ideas like this that are still up for grabs.

One of the strange things about Alexa is that Amazon allows duplicate names for skills. So if two skills have the same name, how does Alexa choose which one to give the user?

It turns out that she will choose the skill with the most five-star ratings. This “let the best skill win” approach means that there is a massive first-mover advantage.

Think of your niche: What phrase would people naturally say when they’re looking for someone like you? That is your opening.

If you take it now, and create a skill that starts getting great usage and reviews, it will be functionally impossible for your competitors to catch up.

And the inverse is true too: If you wait for a competitor to make the first move, you may find yourself SOL on a platform with a 200+ million device installed base.

How David makes $10,000+ per month from his Alexa skills

A few months after David’s skill took off, he was starting to get frustrated. He kept watching the numbers go up and up, but it felt like an endless game with no real point. So he sent Jeff Bezos an email (yep,

Bezos not only read the email, he forwarded it to the head of Alexa’s developer relations. Not long afterward, Amazon’s Alexa Developer Rewards program was born.

The program’s goal is to motivate more people to create and improve their Alexa skills by paying out a monthly cash reward to creators of the top performing skills.

David was ready. He made a couple of new skills to capitalize on the new program, and he found wild success not long after.

Combining payouts from his top two skills, he ended up making $10,000 per month as a 22-year-old college student.

My goal in this mini-course is to show you his process, step by step, and set you on the path to doing the same thing.

And no, you don’t have to be a developer to get Alexa Developer Rewards. That’s one of our goals at Shoutworks: Now that you can create an Alexa skill in just a couple clicks, you can collect cash from Amazon with no knowledge of programming whatsoever.

To qualify, you have to create a skill in one of the categories listed here (which you can do through Shoutworks by default).

To learn more about David’s story, read his CNBC article.

There are many, many more success stories just like this one. And their results are fundamentally repeatable. With Shoutworks, you no longer have to be technical at all to take advantage – just point and click.

In the next module, we’ll go over step-by-step how you can replicate Jess and David’s success in your own business.

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