Your Voice Assistant Is Now A… Stain Remover? How Tide Makes It Happen

Everyone has experienced that terrible moment when you get a gnarly stain on your favorite pants or dress. Tide is now even closer at hand to help in your moment of anguish—with their stain remover Alexa skill. Complete with a library of about 200 different types of stains, Alexa can now help you remove just about any kind of stain from your clothes, from sweat to red wine.

This is a brilliant move for Tide, which as a brand thrives off of being known as the single best way to remove a stain. They’ve done a great job at it—Tide is now virtually the “Kleenex” of stain removal—due to their omni-channel focus on branding. One key new channel for them? Yep, it’s Amazon Alexa.

Click here to access the Tide Alexa skill.

How could you leverage Alexa to be there for your customers when they need you most? Shoutworks lets you spin up an experience just like this in less than 5 minutes. (Tide paid thousands for theirs.) Try it free today!

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