Trip Planning Makes You Happy: Brands Speaking Up

For the pandemic-weary among us (who isn’t, am I right?), and especially for those of us disposed to globe-trotting, restrictions on travel can make life particularly tough. However, it might help to start planning anyway—it’s been shown that planning a trip can actually improve your mental health, especially during a pandemic.

Here’s how, and how brands are stepping up to help through voice assistants Amazon Alexa and others to help people get inspired to travel again.


Travel Planning Improves Mental Health

It’s true! Research shows that the anticipation of an upcoming trip is more satisfying and provides more happiness than the anticipation of buying a physical product. It’s also been found that people are at their happiest when we have a trip planned.

One of the reasons is that trips make for better stories. You can talk about trips more, whether it’s to regale others with a travel saga or inspire them with new ideas. So trip planning can actually help us connect more with other people.

Plus, there’s the simple benefit of having something good to look forward to. Trips are especially good to occupy our future-focused brains because they have a defined start and end, which enables us to savor the anticipation even more.


Brands Speaking Up

Several brands have started to leverage this to get their names out there, expand their reach, and grow their audiences. Take, for instance, Shoutworks user Luxe Adventure Traveler. Jennifer and Tim are an adventure couple who love a bit of luxury at the end of the day. They have created their own custom-branded Alexa skill to help inspire people with their tips and tricks on luxury-infused adventure travel. People just say “Alexa, open Luxe Adventure Traveler” and their adventures begin!


Or take Alaska Outdoors Magazine, for instance, a podcast by Alaskans meant to inspire anyone who’s ever dreamed of coming to Alaska. Its stories and profiles of things to do and places to go are sure to inspire all of us.


It’s clear that no matter what your niche in the travel and lifestyle world, you can inspire people through voice as well.

With Shoutworks, you can turn your travel & lifestyle blog into an Alexa skill in one click, just like Luxe Adventure Traveler and Alaska Outdoors Magazine did. Try Shoutworks free today.

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