How This Entrepreneur Uses An Alexa Flash Briefing To Grow Her Business

Sandra Centorino, in her words, was just a 50-something-year-old woman in business. Not someone you’d expect to be trailblazing the cutting edge of social engagement online.

But in 2015, she changed her strategy and her business took off. She calls it her “GO LIVE” moment.


She never looked back. Now, through her business Real Women Go Live!, she helps thousands of women around the world create an effective online business strategy. And through her charity, Say It Forward, she spreads positivity and kindness using the power of words and face-to-face connections.

A big part of her strategy is her Amazon Alexa flash briefing, “A dose of positive energy.”

Just look at those rave reviews! There is a good reason Sandra invested in her own Alexa skill. It’s because her mission is to give people that surge of positivity and mindfulness that can enable them to be the best they can be. What better way to do that than to be just a “Hey Alexa” away?


Go live to transform your business

So what switch did Sandra flip back in 2015? And how could you learn from her to transform your own business?

It’s simple: She started to “go live” in every aspect of her business. She started sharing her real, authentic self over social media. She created her own Alexa skill. She nurtured a community of people around the world who resonated with her message of empowerment. She did all this as a part of her drive to bring her insights, skills, knowledge, and gifts to people where they are.

It comes out in her mantra:

“You never know how or when you might touch another life.” — Sandra Centorino

You never know, so you should always be engaging. That’s what has driven Sandra to the success she’s had: she is a relentless, constant, authentic engager!

And that means being on all the platforms that matter to your potential customers. And given that now over one third of US adults owns a smart speaker, voice engagement is more important than ever.

So what kind of voice engagement are people looking for? Well, the top Alexa skills (voice apps) are centered around News, Inspiration, Music, and Utilities.

The top news outlets are popular on Alexa too, but is there a Flash Briefing focused on housing prices in your area? Or the specials at your restaurant? There’s your opportunity!

And it may be surprising, but more and more people are turning to Alexa for inspiration (just ask Sandra!). This is because it’s so easy to get Alexa to deliver quotes or short pep-talks in an instant, while you’re doing the dishes or making your morning coffee. Once you experience how effortless it is, it’s hard to stop!

How can you use constant, authentic engagement, over multiple channels, to supercharge your business?


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