ShoutHound – The Best Way To Be Found On The Alexa!

Every minute of every day people all over the world are asking their Alexa devices questions. And not just the weather or sports trivia.

They are looking for something new. Maybe something they need right now. They are looking for you…

But because of the rudimentary way Alexa does searches you will probably not be found. Why keep what you do, sell, or have to say a secret?

Our soon to be released ShoutHound voice search service, using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, is designed to get people to exactly what they need right now. Our innovative technology goes beyond the words to determine what the user really wants. Then, like a good andloyal blood hound, we learn from what people say next. Voice can be a very elusive way to ask for things. Words have multiple meanings and the subtle way people speak can tell us a lot that we can use to help find what they really want.

Here’s an example:

Today, when someone says to their Alexa: “Find me the best Pizza I can order tonight.”

The Alexa chokes on the search and gives a general answer about comparing New York Style and Chicago Style pizza. They’re hungry now. This did not help.

With ShoutHound it can go like this:

Someone says to their Alexa: “Open ShoutHound… Find me the best Pizza I can order tonight.”

The Alexa says… “I see you are near Charlottesville, Virginia. A place not really known for great pizza. How about some great Thai food instead?”

The Alexa, now powered by our ShoutHound technology, will have a conversation with them to determine what they want.

Then… They can actually order the food or make a reservation right on their Alexa. This is how things should work!

The key to ShoutHound is, it puts the power of AI-driven search back in the hands (or paws) of the searcher and the supplier, service, or web site. To get YOUR business, product or service recommended to 200 million Alexa users, you will need to register your website for ShoutHound. There is a $100 annual charge to be included. Or maybe you can just send us $100 worth of Pizza, Thai Food, or designer shoes.

But you can also get listed on ShoutHound for free by becoming a Shoutworks subscriber.

To be the first to know when you can sign up your service, web page, or eCommerce site for ShoutHound send us an eMail at .





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