Pay Bills With Your Voice (And More), With the American Express Alexa Skill

American Express was one of the first financial institutions to make this revolutionary realization: Alexa can help you do your finances.

And not only can she, but it’s an incredible user experience. With just the sound of your voice, you can check your balance, access discounts and offers, pay bills and hear recent account information. This is extremely convenient, especially when you have your hands full.

Amex is using this boost engagement with its customers, and it is working. Now that they have access to this kind of service, using the latest technology, customers are more likely to feel supported and confident that they made the right choice to go with Amex.

It’s important to note that Amex didn’t just launch this skill and not tell anybody—they made a neat landing page explaining how to use Alexa to access Amex services. As a result, adoption could grow faster.

Check it out for yourself on Amazon.


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