Johnnie Walker Wants To Chat With You About Whisky

Johnnie Walker has taken a centuries-old market by storm with an innovative approach: Chatting with you about whisky.

But here’s the innovative part: You can now learn about whisky, get help deciding on the perfect blend for yourself or for a gift, and purchase a bottle through smart voice assistants like Amazon Alexa. You can even get a personalized whisky tasting tour.

When you say “Alexa, open Johnnie Walker,” Alexa says, “If you’ve got questions, I’ve got two centuries of whisky answers,” before asking for your birth date and year to make sure you’re legal. Then you can choose to either increase your whisky knowledge or discover a whisky blend based on your preference of taste and price. Alexa might inform you that merely 1 in 10,000 casks are picked to blend the Johnnie Walker blue label blend, for example.

Johnnie Walker has paired their Alexa skill with a Facebook messenger bot that serves much the same function, directing customers to purchase based on their preferences.

If this doesn’t signal the age of conversational commerce, I don’t know what will. All ecommerce is becoming conversational; why not whisky?

Click here to access the Johnnie Walker Alexa skill.

Johnnie Walker is getting a ton of benefits from this: Beyond just brand awareness, which something like this obviously provides, they are helping guide customers toward purchase and actually selling product through this new channel. You can now do the same in one click, with Shoutworks. Try it free today!

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