How to Make Over $400,000 in Under 6 Minutes through Voice.

I know it sounds crazy, but Nike actually did this.

“But that’s Nike” you might say. Hold on – I’m about to show you how you can replicate these results with zero coding and zero marketing budget.

With a few minutes of setup, and a couple weeks of lead-up, you can start running your own “voice flash promotions” – and driving a ton of sales in a very short time.

Your secret weapon is Alexa Notifications. With Shoutworks, you can send notifications to people’s Alexa devices as easy as sending an email, and it lights up in their living room.

So if you are looking for ways to convert more leads, drive more traffic to your sales pages, and collect more sales faster, please read on. This might be coming just in time to differentiate for Black Friday and the Holiday season.



The Voice Flash Promotion Pioneer: Nike

This is the story of how Nike got 15,000 orders for a new $350 pair of sneakers and sold out of $400,000+ of product within 6 minutes – by selling through a smart speaker. They were the pioneers of what we’re calling the “Voice Flash Promotion.” Here’s how it works.

Nike wanted to launch their new self-lacing sneakers with a bang. So they decided that they would make an announcement in a TV commercial airing during halftime of an NBA game that their ideal target market would be watching.

Here’s the catch: You could only order the sneakers through a voice app (or “skill”) they created for that specific purpose. So customers would say “Order me the sneakers” and their order would be placed.

Double catch: They only had about 1,600 pairs in stock, and said this on the TV ad. The result was pretty mind-blowing.

They sold out of sneakers in under 6 minutes.


How to Create a Huge Sales Spike in a Short Period of Time

First, you need a way to reach people and tell them about your promotion. Nike used a TV commercial during halftime of an NBA game, but you’ve got Alexa notifications inside Shoutworks – which let you send an announcement out to all your subscribers at once. It’s more effective, and WAY cheaper.

Next, you need a reason for people to act right away. You have two options:

  • Time scarcity: “All holiday items are 20% off for the next hour only!”
  • Amount scarcity: “Only 100 left in stock, first come first serve!”

When people receive your notification, they will feel the urgency to go to your site and buy!


You might be wondering, how will people receive that notification on Alexa? It’s super simple, and it works just the same way as an email newsletter. When you share about your Alexa skill, anyone has the option to subscribe. When they do, you can send them unlimited Alexa notifications – just like you can send unlimited emails to your newsletter list!


That’s right, it’s that easy! Try it yourself – sign up to try Shoutworks free today.

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