Here’s something you might not have known: Amazon is the world’s largest product search engine.

That’s right, with 54% of product searches happening on Amazon, it beats Google in this key area.

If you are focused on traditional SEO, which focuses only on Google search, you are missing out on this completely.

But there is good news: A lot of other people are missing out on it too. That’s your opportunity.

Here’s a counterintuitive way to take advantage of Amazon search to get discovered more easily than on Google.


Why Amazon search?

It’s no secret that ranking for your keywords is difficult on Google. Huge companies spend massive sums on content marketing, SEO, and tech development and don’t even make the first page of Google. How are you even going to try to compete?

Amazon, on the other hand, is the subject of very little SEO investment. There are a handful of brands jockeying for top spots in a few categories, but many categories are wide open.

Wide open for you to jump in.

Don’t have a physical product to sell? Don’t worry—you don’t need one in order to rank on Amazon search. Here’s how to do it.


Alexa skills: The secret hack to getting found on Amazon

An Alexa skill is a voice app for the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. If you make an Alexa skill, your brand and your copy is now in Amazon’s database.

You can make an Alexa skill in a couple of minutes with Shoutworks, no technical knowledge required. Try it free for 30 days, no commitment, cancel any time. That’s plenty of time to try out this strategy.

That’s the first step. The next step is where things get fun.

Once your Alexa skill is up on Amazon, you’ll have a product page for your skill that looks like this:


Looks great.

Now, the key is setting your skill’s keywords so that it shows up when people search on Amazon.

Amazon gives you 30 keywords to play with. Our recommendation is to set all 30, then change them every month until you start to see some results.

With Shoutworks, you get a weekly email digest of your skill’s usage. But you should also start to see a spike in traffic to your site because of this.

Jen Lehner, of Front Row Media, did exactly this with her Alexa flash briefing, Front Row Entrepreneur.

She says that the Alexa flash briefing is one of the most important channels for people to discover her business. On top of the benefits she gets from just Amazon search, she uses it to galvanize a worldwide community of entrepreneurs who go on to buy courses, services, and more from Jen. She has it figured out, and you can, too.


“I was so blown away by the results I was getting for my own business and with my audience growth from Amazon Alexa” – Jen Lehner, Front Row Media


Whether you run a digital marketing business, or a florist, or a blog, this method can work for you too.

Give it a try through Shoutworks and we’ll help you craft your keywords so that you get found through Amazon search, and leave your competitors in the dust.

Start using Shoutworks for free. It takes 5 minutes—that could be the best 5 minutes you spend for your business!


Want to drive 43% more traffic to your site through Amazon Alexa, while you sleep? You’ll want to get the Shoutworks plugin (takes 2 minutes). Quick, do it before everyone catches on!

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