How This Thought Leader Used Alexa to Insert Himself Into His Audience’s Daily Routine


If you’re a fan of personal productivity tips, you’ve probably heard of Tiago Forte.

Founder of Forte Labs, teacher of the blockbuster course Building a Second Brain, and author of one of the best productivity newsletters on the web, he is one of the world’s foremost productivity experts.

He has almost 25,000 followers on Twitter, thousands of newsletter subscribers, and hundreds of people that read his blog and take his courses. He is constantly engaging and re-engaging people through these channels with incisive statements like this one:


It’s clear Tiago has mastered the game of creating and distributing quality content in order to build and engage his lucrative audience. But recently, he made a prescient move that more and more thought leaders are going to take in the next few months.

That move was the “Tiago Forte Insights” skill for Amazon Alexa. He repurposed his existing content to be consumable via voice, through Alexa. And it was done in under 15 minutes.

Why was this so incredibly smart? Read on to find out.


What Tiago Forte Gets From His Alexa Skill

Tiago is the leader of a powerful and growing movement. His mission is to help everyone get better at unlocking their own human potential. He talks, writes, and teaches about habits, motivation, and productivity. And he is very good at it.

So why is an Alexa skill valuable to him?

First of all, he recognizes that voice is officially exploding. The number of Alexa devices sold doubled last year, now reaching over 200 million devices. Over one-third of US adults now own a smart speaker, and of those 70% are Alexa devices.

You’re crazy if you’re not planning your voice presence as we speak. Don’t worry—if you don’t, your competitors will.

Second, he has smartly identified that Alexa is an unprecedented way to get his audience to consume his content as a part of their daily routine. Alexa devices are kept in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom. Users are always trying new functionality, and when they get a taste of inspiration or motivation from you, they want to get it again and again. It’s so simple and easy, it can be addictive.

Finally, Tiago knows that by having an Alexa skill, he is sending a crucial message to his followers and potential followers. He is saying loud and clear that he is at the bleeding edge of technology. People respect him more because they know he is pioneering new methods to help his audience better and faster than anyone else.

In the competitive online fight for attention, the best of the best take every advantage they can get.


Make Voice Your Advantage

If you’re a thought leader or aspire to be, you can’t afford to ignore this new platform. The quiet explosion of voice has meant that if you don’t have a voice presence, it’s just like failing to have a website. It doesn’t look good.

But there’s good news: Shoutworks is a one-click Alexa skill creator for WordPress that can have your voice presence up and running in just a few minutes, no tech skills needed.

It used to cost thousands and take weeks or months to get an Alexa skill built for you by an expert developer. Now, it’s free and takes a few minutes. Plus, just like Tiago, you can repurpose your existing content: Shoutworks will take your blog and voice-enable it, or even your tweets.

The possibilities are literally endless, but there are some good places to start. How about a Quote of the Day, or a Flash Briefing to share your latest news?

What are you waiting for? Try Shoutworks free today!

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