How This Coach Inspires Thousands Every Morning With Her Alexa Skill

“Kate, you have no idea how much you help me start my day in a better frame of mind.” – Katie J., Amazon Alexa user

Kate Cocker is the driving force behind the wildly popular Everyday Positivity Flash Briefing for Amazon Alexa, which provides short quotes and motivational snippets that users can hear through their Alexa device. With hundreds of rave reviews and thousands of daily users, Kate has cultivated a viral sensation that has a real impact on people.

And guess what: You can too.

This skill is also fantastic for Kate Cocker’s business: she is a presenter coach, someone who teaches how to communicate in public more effectively. Inspired by Brene Brown, Sarah Kaye, and Jimi Hendrix, she is a fountain of knowledge and confidence about how to be a better public speaker.

That’s where her Alexa skill comes in.

It started from the insight that the first step to improving your communication to others is actually improving your communication with yourself. By improving the way we talk to ourselves, we can communicate better with everyone else.

And now, by inspiring a global community of people to communicate better with themselves and others, she has created a rock-solid foundation and funnel for her coaching business. Her clients include the BBC, Squire Patton Boggs, Greater Manchester Moving, Bauer Academy, Reform Radio, Greater Sport, Horiba UK, Inkpact, Talk Sport and Liverpool Football Club, among others.

Do you want to supercharge your business and rally your community? The only way is to get your content out there, like Kate does. If you genuinely help people to get inspired and tackle their days with a new perspective, the rewards will come back to you many times over.

Read more from Kate about how to engage your audience.

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