How the NBA Uses An Alexa Skill to Create Devoted Super-Fans

The NBA: One of the biggest sporting leagues in the world. A massive media empire, full of teams that are themselves massive media empires. With tens of millions of devoted fans all over the world, the NBA clearly knows how to engage audiences better than anyone else.

It might seem obvious because it’s just so ubiquitous, but the NBA has actually worked really hard to maintain the position in popular culture that it has.

If you want to know how the NBA gets this kind of results, just look at their strategy: The NBA is everywhere. On every engagement channel: TV, radio, newspapers, of course; but they are also heavy into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. The NBA was one of the first big brands to take up TikTok. And now, you can engage with the NBA over voice with Amazon Alexa too.


Okay okay, you might be far from pretending to be anywhere near the NBA in terms of your marketing. But hey, no matter how close or far you are, it can’t hurt to take a tip or two from the pros, right?

With the NBA’s Amazon Alexa skill, fans can listen to any game they want, live, by just saying “Alexa, ask NBA to play the Cavs game”. How cool is that?

Similarly, Shoutworks lets you transmit your updates and announcements in real time to anyone. Want to make an announcement about the schedule for the week? Let your people ask Alexa for it. Want to announce your weekly or daily specials? Customers can ask Alexa, and she’ll tell them! All without you ever picking up the phone. Just set it up once, and watch the engagement go up.

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