How Podcasters Can Use Amazon Alexa to Boost Engagement

Some of the top Alexa skills on the market are podcasts. If you have a podcast, Alexa makes it really, ridiculously easy for people to access your content whenever they want. Here are three of the top podcasts on Amazon Alexa and how they use Alexa to increase engagement and give their listeners a better experience.


1. Make Me Smart by Marketplace

“Hey Alexa, Make Me Smart”

In this Alexa skill, Marketplace hosts Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood tell you what you need to know about the economy, pop culture, tech and current events. Their podcast is usually top of the charts in economy, news, and current events… But their Alexa skill gets a ton of engagement, with almost 6,000 reviews (mostly 5-star) and over 20,000 weekly listeners. All people have to say is “Alexa, make me smart” and their podcast starts playing, right into the living room. Pretty cool huh?


2. TED Talks

“Hey Alexa, ask TED Talks for something funny”

It’s no surprise that people love to have the entire library of TED talks at their command. When they say this simple command, Alexa will start playing some of the inspiring speeches given throughout the last decade by some of the most inspiring people on Earth. As one listener comments, “Simply ask Alexa to play a TED talk on any given subject and like magic, wisdom begins to emanate from the walls of my home.”


3. Radio Mystery Theatre

“Hey Alexa, open Radio Mystery Theatre”

This old-timey radio show from CBS has been given a new life and a new following through this Alexa skill. It’s not technically a podcast, but that might even make its engagement on Alexa even more impressive—the fact that this is a gem from the golden age of radio and people will STILL engage with it through their smart speaker! If this old-timey radio show can do it, then what are you waiting for?


It is no mystery that voice is here to stay. Over one-third of US adults now own a smart speaker, and the number of Alexa devices out there reached 200 million last year, and growing fast. You do not want to miss your opportunity to stake out a BIG presence on this growing platform. Just like the first app developers on Apple’s app store made out like bandits, so too can you take advantage of this opportunity right now.

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