How Developers Can WOW Clients With Shoutworks

If you’re a WordPress developer, you know that your business depends on a great relationship with your clients. Obviously, delivering above and beyond is the most important way to do that. When you help your clients become successful, you’re successful. With Shoutworks, we think we have a new way for you to deliver for your clients.


User Benefits (to entice clients)

Shoutworks lets you make an Alexa skill in one click from your WordPress site. Why is that important? Because Alexa is a new channel, just like Facebook or Twitter, where brands can engage customers, get new leads, and boost sales. Alexa can even help automate customer support. Here are a few of the main benefits:

  • Grow your audience using existing content through Tips & Insights
    • For example: Travel inspiration, SEO Tip of the Day, Daily Allergy Report
    • Alexa updates automatically from WordPress posts, so it’s easy to set up
  • Drive sales through voice Promotions and Deals
    • For example: Run a giveaway, share discount codes & referrals
  • Generate leads through voice Lead Magnets
    • For example: Opt in to receive this free eBook, free consulting session, free webinar
  • Automate Support tasks to free up more time for more important things in the business.
    • Alexa transcribes your customer’s message and introduces you via email
  •  Plus…
    • Get an SEO boost, your skill is listed on (world’s biggest product search engine)
    • Get promoted through our newsletter & social media (400,000+ subscribers)


Plus Automation Possibilities

What else can you do with Shoutworks? The only limit is your imagination. There are a ton of possibilities for hooking up automations.

Here are just a few ideas for what you can create by using Shoutworks to connect WordPress to Alexa:

  • An Alexa skill that reads tweets from a popular Twitter account
  • Get Alexa to narrate every new Mailchimp campaign (so people can get your newsletter screen-free)
  • Have Alexa read important updates from a certain Slack channel
  • Get Alexa to narrate posts from your Facebook page
  • Have Alexa read out submissions from a Typeform survey
  • Update an Alexa skill from an Airtable base
  • Let Alexa update you when deals close or leads are added in Hubspot
  • And much more!

What are your client’s goals? If you want help thinking through an automation that could help them, reach out to us at


How to Wow Clients

If you’ve worked with a client but the project is over, you want to keep a good relationship with them. What better way than to suggest things that could genuinely help them? Doing so lets them know that you’re thinking of them and that you have their best interest in mind, and helps build trust for the long term.

Suggesting Shoutworks fits neatly into this framework. Try forwarding this message to your clients to pique their interest:

I hope all is well! I was checking out this new tool and thought it might be valuable for your business. You can create a skill for Amazon Alexa (like a voice app) that engages your audience through voice promotions, voice Lead Magnets, and turning your existing content into interactive audio in just a few clicks:

You can even offer to set it up for them.

If they are interested, you can brush up on our learning resources to prepare for the call.

And don’t hesitate to leverage our support team to get your questions answered.

If you’re a Shoutworks Affiliate, you will receive $30 when a customer signs up and stays for 3 months (which they usually do once they make it past the free trial). Plus, you can charge for the setup time. But Shoutworks is so easy to use that you can give it right to the client and they can run with it.


So now you’re a copy-paste away from a new project with one of your clients. Let us know how it goes! 🙂

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