How Can Non-Profit Organizations Recruit and Manage Volunteers With Voice?

All great non-profit organizations enjoy a committed and connected community of volunteers. Without volunteers it can be impossible to achieve the essential mission of the organization.

Your volunteers are your feet on the street. Not only can they do the needed essential work, but they also spread your message and grow your community. Volunteers are your life-blood. Building and maintaining a great Volunteer base can help assure your organization’s sustainability.

But like any community you will need to work hard to recruit, maintain, and manage your volunteers. And you just found a new tireless volunteer who works for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

She never takes a day off and her name is Alexa.

You can use Quotes of the Day to inspire current and potential volunteers. How about something like this:

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” — Muhammad Ali – American professional boxer, activist, and philanthropist.

Sometimes all it takes is the right inspirational words to get someone off their couch and on your volunteer team.  You can make that happen. Even when you aren’t able to answer a phone or be with your people, the Alexa can keep your them motivated, excited, and engaged.

You can use a Flash Briefing to be sure potential volunteers have just the  information they need to see the type of volunteer opportunites you have to offer where ever they are and when ever they are looking for some way to participate in your community:

“This Saturday we have a booth at Great Community Garage Sale held in the Water Street Parking Garage. There will be hundreds of booths and thousands of attendees. We are looking for volunteers for one hour shifts in the booth. And if you have anything we can sell, consider donating it to us. It could be Tax Deductible.  Either call us at (434) 218-3481 use the Support feature here to send us this message, ” I want Help Saturday!”. We will get back to you by eMail.”

Maybe even use the Flash Briefing feature for a Question Of The Day to have the Alexa get potential volunteers thinking more about the value of being more active in your community:

“Question of the day… Could there be ways to leverage your volunteer activities to advance your own personal and professional goals?  We might be able to help you with some ideas. And it could be fun!”

Your volunteers will start to depend on these Flash Briefings to keep up with your organization.  You can also use  daily flash briefings and the Alexa to  string together a five or more briefings a week on a single subject almost like a mini-podcast. Plus, it’s delivered by Alexa herself.

Podcasts are great, but they’re a pain to produce. With Shoutworks you just type your message and it is automatically converted into the lovely voice of Alexa. You set the date and time for the message to be available so you can do them a week or more in advance.

One way you can use the Shoutworks Deal Of The Day function is as a call to action to help develop Volunteer skills and build your community by offering educational opportunities:

“Mentoring is a great way to leverage your special skills to our community. But there are nine keys to being a great mentor. Join us Wednesday night at 8PM for a one hour online workshop where you will learn those keys from Stephen Kohn who wrote the book titled, ‘9 Powerful Practices of Really Great Mentors: How to Inspire and Motivate Anyone.’ The session is Free. It’s packed with information and insights. Use the Support feature here to send me this message, “Get me into the workshop”. We will get back to you by eMail with the details.

Remember, your people may not always be in front of a computer or be able call you or type out a message. So if they have any of the 4 Billion plus Alexas or Alexa-ready devices, your clients can conveniently engage and talk to you any time.  It’s almost like she’s your personal assistant accepting and forwarding messages to you 24/7/365.

And you can do all of this right now, right from your website. You don’t need any special skills or a bunch of money to invest in development. With a few clicks in Shoutworks, Alexa devices all over the world will say what you want.

After your first 30-days for free be sure to take advantage of our special non-profit pricing package.

Alexa will even read your blog articles, and she’ll do it in a surprisingly pleasant tone and rhythm. It fits right into your current content creation activities—you don’t have to change a thing.

What wonderful new Volunteers could you attract with the help of 200+ million Alexas and 4 Billion Alexa-ready devices?

What are you waiting for? Try Shoutworks free today!

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