How Can eCommerce Websites Use Voice To Increase Traffic And Sales?

One of the biggest benefits of the Internet is the convenience of buying pretty much anything we could want or need without leaving the comfort of our homes. A few clicks will bring us anything from groceries to running shoes delivered right to our front doors.

This online shopping fits into the broad category of eCommerce and it does not include just the big guys like, eBay, and Zappos. Just as much, if not more, eCommerce is done by many millions of smaller websites run by entrepreneurs offering all sorts of products and services.

If you run an eCommerce website, voice can be a great way to engage your customers whether they are new or repeat customers. Staying in touch with them with voice keeps you connected even when they’re away from a screen.

Many eCommerce marketers are driving traffic to their stores through Amazon Alexa. Alexa devices are in tens of millions of homes, and people are constantly asking Alexa questions that indicate buying intent. If you have an Alexa skill, Alexa will refer people to you when they ask a question your content can answer. Similarly to ranking on Google, having an Alexa skill with relevant content can drive a lot of traffic.

But Alexa is not just good for driving traffic, she is great for building strong customer relationships as well.


Building strong customer relationships through voice

With your content on Alexa, you can use a Quote of the Day to keep people coming back…

What if your customers could start the day with a funny quote, like this one:

“Stay home and shop online… You’re far too pretty to look for a parking spot.”  — Anonymous Shopaholic

Sometimes the right words of wisdom and/or humor is all we need to start our day right. The kind of words that get people talking. And you made that happen! Even when you aren’t there, Alexa can keep your customers engaged and coming back for more.

With Shoutworks, your Alexa skill will be automatically listed on the largest shopping website in the world.  You will automatically listed in the Amazon directory with a listing like this. What better way for people to find you?

For something a little more information-packed than a Quote of the Day, use a Flash Briefing to be sure people up up to date on the critical or fun information they need wherever they are and when ever they need it:

“The latest research on Vitamin D shows that this little supplement can make a big difference in our overall health and well being. Sure you can get Vitamin D from vegetables and sunlight but how much do you really benefit from these unmeasured sources? A smart way to know you are getting enough Vitamin D every day is with a capsule that costs only pennies and does so much for you. “

Your customers depend on Alexa Flash Briefings to keep up with important alerts and updates. Now, you can just type the alerts in and the Shoutworks AI does the rest.

Podcasts are great, but they’re a pain to produce. With Shoutworks you just type your message, and it’s automatically converted into the lovely voice of Alexa.

This was created with eCommerce sites in mind. Shoutworks has a built-in Deal of the Day function you can use as a call to action to get people ordering from your store:

“We all know the benefits of Vitamin D… Today only, use the promo code D-TODAY when you buy a package of Vitamin D Supplements and get your next one half off!”

You can also do support through Alexa (and it’s awesome). It’s as if the chatbot on your website were actually sitting in your customers’ living rooms and kitchens all around the world. Alexa will take down their messages for you and start the conversation, so you can reply promptly to their needs, questions, and compliments.

Don’t forget about Alexa Auto, which puts Alexa in the car as well. People could be driving along the highway and ask Alexa:

“Where is my Vitamin order, I thought it would arrive today?”

And you can do all of this right now, right from your WordPress site.

You don’t need any special skills or a bunch of money to invest in development. All you need is Shoutworks. (And it’s free forever.) With a few clicks, Alexa devices all over the world will say what you want and it’s all automatic.

Alexa will even read your blog articles, and she’ll do it in a surprisingly pleasant tone and rhythm. It fits right into your current content creation activities—you don’t have to change a thing.

How excited will your customers be when they find out your website is now voice enabled? What great offers and insights will you share through the 200+ million Alexas and 4 Billion Alexa-ready devices?


Get more conversions through voice! Click here to try Shoutworks free, and grow your audience, increase leads, and boost sales through the chatbot in everyone’s living room: Amazon Alexa. In one click!

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