How Can Cooking And Recipe Websites Use Shoutworks?

People seem to be cooking more than ever. It’s like they have discovered their kitchens and pantries for the first time. Not to mention the joy of preparing and eating a great meal.

If you have a cooking and recipe website why lock your followers into enjoying your unique content when they are only in front of their computers?

Especially when it is probably more likely that they have an Alexa device close by that they can use with voice. Who wants to get sloppy food-prep hands on their computer keyboard or touch screen?

If you have a recipe website you can greet your website followers every day with a cooking quote right from their Alexa devices, like this:

The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” — Julia Child

The possibles are virtually endless…

How about a flash briefing like this:

“Fresh Granny Smith Apples are back in season! For three ways to make delicious deserts with these wonderful delights see my latest blog post here.”

And you can do all of this right from your website. You don’t need any special skills. With a few clicks, Alexa devices all over the world will say what you want. What will you have them say?


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