The “Once-a-Decade” Opportunity to Explode Your Blog’s Growth


There is an incredible opportunity right now to use Amazon Alexa to grow your blog’s traffic. Just like in the early days of Google and Facebook, early movers get the advantage and reap all the rewards. Read on to understand how you can seize this opportunity and win big, before it’s too late.

But first, let’s start with some history. Back when Google Ads first came out, no one took it seriously. I know, times were different. But for the few people who used the platform, it became not just a good traffic channel: It became their single biggest engine for growth. Gary Vaynerchuk was one of these early adopters, saying:

I used Google AdWords in the very early days and bought ads against the word “wine” for my online wine retailer, I was the first person to sell against that particular keyword on Google, and for a long time the only one selling against it. I dominated. In the end, it paid off. Google became huge, and I reaped the benefits.

As a result, his wine ecommerce business grew to $65 million in annual revenue from just $3 million a couple of years before. This is the benefit of adopting a platform early: Even if you stake out a small plot, it can grow to become incredibly lucrative.

The same thing is happening right now on a different platform: Voice assistants. That’s right, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and all the rest. Over one third of Americans own a smart speaker device, and 55% of Gen Z makes a voice search once a day or more. The wave is upon us. Can you catch it?


The Challenge for Blogs

If you write a blog, your top goals are:

  1. Getting people to consume your content.
  2. Getting people to come back to consume your content again.

That’s essentially it. You want to drive traffic and engagement. These are the two commandments of blogging. After that, you can monetize it however you want: Through a newsletter, display ads, affiliate sales, and much more.

It seems difficult at first, but those of us who have done it know that it’s actually really hard. The hard part is not writing posts and getting a website up (usually). The hard part is getting anyone to notice, and when they notice, care. Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram—these platforms are all saturated, and acquisition costs are rising. It’s hyper-competitive to even get noticed.

Of course, noticing comes first. Then, they have to care enough to click. Then, you’re in a mad dash to make them care enough to not only read what you have to say, but remember it, too. Maybe even share it with a friend, or bookmark it for later. You have to move them in some way, or make them smarter. That’s pretty hard to do.

But it’s not impossible. And that’s what keeps us at it.

As marketing guru Seth Godin wrote in his classic book Purple Cow, the key to getting noticed is to do something so different it defies expectations. Imagine being on a long drive through the countryside, seeing one white-and-black cow after another, and suddenly seeing one that is bright fuschia or magenta. You’d take notice, right?

Your blog right now is just another white-and-black cow. The only way to be remarkable is to do what others aren’t doing—to become a “purple cow”.


How To Be Remarkable

As a blogger, there are three fundamental ways to be remarkable enough to get noticed.

  1. Innovate on content, keep delivery the same
  2. Deliver the same content, but innovate on delivery
  3. Innovate on both content and delivery

To innovate on content, you need to figure out ways of framing topics that will really grab attention, going substantially deeper than anyone else, or providing substantially more value than anyone else. Then, once you’ve created wildly remarkable content, you’ll put it out on the same channels as before: Your email newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

To innovate on delivery, you need to think of new channels you can master before any of your competitors can, or deliver your content in a way that is more convenient, more exciting, or more conducive to insight.

Unfortunately, there is no formula for content innovation. All it takes is some good old-fashioned creativity combined with relentless study, plus a lot of trial and error. If you keep trying, you’ll eventually hit something remarkable. If you study your audience well, you will know what jobs they need help doing and what kind of content would hit like a breath of fresh air.

Delivery is much more predictable a way to innovate. You can take a survey of the content delivery landscape and identify holes: For instance, there is very little horse racing news available through Amazon Alexa. Is there an opportunity for you to provide your content in a format that some people will prefer? If yes, then you are on your way to establishing your foothold. You can build from there.

Try to identify delivery channels or formats that may not have as much competition in your niche: Audio, voice, Instagram Live, Tiktok, YouTube, Podcasts, etc. That is where you can truly make an impact.


The Unprecedented Opportunity in Voice in 2020

If you’ve gone through the “delivery innovation” exercise described above and found an opportunity to become a purple cow in your niche on Amazon Alexa, there is no better time to pounce.

There are over 200 million Alexa devices in homes everywhere. Over 4 billion smartphones are Alexa-accessible. However, until now you had to be a developer (or hire one) to create content for this platform. That’s why we made Shoutworks: To let anyone create and publish content for Alexa with a click.

Shoutworks is a one-click Alexa skill creator in a WordPress plugin. You load in your content directly from your site, press the button, and it’s live on Alexa. Plus you can edit your content in real time. Alexa is narrator for your articles (thank you billion-dollar Amazon AI investment), which means that instead of spending 100+ hours producing a podcast, you can get the same business impact in about one minute.

Try Shoutworks free for 14 days today, no credit card required. If it gets you traffic and engagement, it’s just $9.99 a month after that. If it doesn’t, you can stay on the free version forever.

The main question you need to ask yourself is: Will I regret it if someone else swoops in and steals this opportunity from me? The answer should be clear. There are very few points in history when a technology comes along that can completely revolutionize your business. If this could be one of them, don’t you owe yourself a few minutes to try it and see?

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