Hands-Free Holiday Shopping From Your Couch, With H&M Home

H&M Home is a great place to go holiday shopping. But do you really want to go push your way through a crowded store, sharing germs with all the other shoppers?

The good news is, it’s the 21st century: You don’t have to. You can shop at the very same store from the comfort and safety of your couch, using only your voice.

H&M Home launched a voice experience that lets you navigate their catalog of items and make purchases by just saying “I need some style inspiration for my living room,” and your voice assistant will answer with advice. It even comes with a holiday gift guide!

Read more about H&M Home’s voice holiday guide here.

The holidays are coming up fast, and if you run an ecommerce store, you have to be ready. Imagine creating a voice-enabled holiday gift guide for your store—how cool would that be? Shoutworks was built to help you get there—try it free today.

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