Financial Professionals: Use Shoutworks To Maintain And Build Their Investor Base

The world depends on financial planners, brokers, stock market experts and other investment professionals more than ever. In all market conditions individual investors just don’t have the time and expertise to manage their investments for optimal returns with reasonable risks. People depend on these investment professionals to guide them through the many decisions needed to achieve their critical life goals such as buying a home, financing a child’s college education, and a secure retirement.

The key element in the investment professional/client relationship is trust.  Nothing can happen without even a base level of trust.

Current clients need a consistent flow of information and prospective clients will need information to help them build confidence in a new investment professional.

Investment professionals need to show people they have a sensitivity to the latest technology and are able to use that technology to engage with their people where ever they are located.

What better way to engage than voice?

Sure investment professionals can use a phone call to keep people informed but there are just not enough hours in the day to talk to all your prospects and clients… That’s where the ease and reach of Shoutworks powered Alexa voice devices can help to leverage limited time.

Use a Quote of the Day to quickly build trust…

What if people could be greeted with a shareable quote of the day like this:

“Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1” – Warren Buffett – investor, business tycoon, and philanthropist, who is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

These kind of quotes will help people understand your personal values and value to them. Plus… Quotes like this can’t help but be repeated at the water cooler. What will that say about you?

For something a little longer form and more informative, try a daily, weekly, or hourly Flash Briefing delivered right to Alexas around the world. Use a Flash Briefing to show off your deep knowledge of the market. Here’s an example premarket morning briefing:

“Wall Street’s main indexes are set to open higher today, with the Nasdaq eyeing another record level, as bets on China leading the revival from a coronavirus-driven downturn helped investors look past a surge in new cases of COVID-19 at home. China stocks jumped more than 5%, boosted by ample liquidity, cheap funding and expectations of a faster and a better bounce-back in business activity than other major countries still battling the coronavirus crisis…. The news looks positive but we will be using a wait-and-see posture for the first few hours of the market today. Check back at around noon for an update.”

To make this content live, all investment professionals need to do it type their message. Shoutworks takes care of all the rest to deliver the information via voice.   This is like having your own live radio show every day.

Podcasts are great, but they’re difficult to produce. Definitely not as easy as typing out your message. With Shoutworks you just type out your message and it is automatically converted into the lovely voice of Alexa.

Use Deal of the Day to spur action from current clients. Maybe something like this:

“Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) seems to be moving into a stronger phase. It has just been upgraded by three leading analysts. Anyone looking for a solid stock that pays a generous dividend please call us at (800) 343-3548. And if you are looking for less risk we have some ideas on how to hedge this position. ”

Shoutworks also has a built in way for your prospective clients to send you a message through the Alexa. It’s almost like she’s the front desk in your office, except now she is everywhere.

People can ask Alexa:

“Tell me more about your protected five star dividend strategy.”

Then, their message is neatly converted to text and emailed to your eMail box. The rest is up to you…

No coding needed

And you can do all of this right now, right from your computer keyboard and website. You don’t need any special skills or money to invest in development. With a few clicks in Shoutworks, Alexa devices all over the world will say what you want.

Alexa will even read your blog articles, and she’ll do it in a surprisingly pleasant tone and rhythm. It fits right into your current workflow —you don’t have to change a thing.

What great investment insights will you share through the 200+ million Alexa devices? Try Shoutworks free today.

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