“Alexa, Order My Starbucks”: Why The Coffee Giant Is All-In On Voice

You probably know people who use the Starbucks mobile app to make repeat orders. But did you know that their Alexa skill is just as popular?

In fact, voice has been such a successful platform for Starbucks that they have created not one but two Alexa skills. They have their extremely popular Starbucks Reorder skill, then they also have their skill called Find My Coffee – Starbucks at Home. This second skill is a coffee quiz designed to help you find your perfect cup of coffee. Makes you want to take the quiz, right?

That’s exactly Starbucks’ plan. They use Amazon Alexa to sell massive quantities of coffee, and now they also use it to win new customers.

Of course, their most popular skill is still the Starbucks Reorder skill. You enter your usual order once, then anytime you say “Alexa, Order My Starbucks” Alexa places your order and tells you when it will be ready. It’s a transformative customer experience, one that gets customers talking to their friends, family, and colleagues, saying, “Check this out!”

Starbucks Reorder Alexa Skill

Use the Starbucks Reorder skill to:
– Reorder your Usual from one of the last 10 stores you’ve ordered from
– Check your primary Starbucks Card balance
– Switch between your last 5 previous orders

Click here to view this skill on Amazon and enable on your Alexa device or Alexa app.


Find My Coffee—Starbucks At Home

Your journey to find your perfect Starbucks® coffee starts here! Take this simple coffee finder quiz to match your personal tastes with your coffee tastes. See how questions such as, “Do you love trying new things?” and “What’s your favorite flavor?” can help guide you to the cup that’s right for you.

Click here to view this skill on Amazon and enable on your Alexa device or Alexa app.


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