Alexa Notifications in Action: An Amazing Lead Generation Tool

You might have thought Alexa was cool before, but now that Shoutworks is equipped to let you send notifications to Alexa users right from your WordPress site…

Well, let’s just say you’ll begin to see why Shoutworks can give you immense power to generate leads, nurture them, and turn them into your customers. It’s like email but better, like SMS with turbo boosters.

And as you’ll see, the possibilities are truly endless.



Like SMS with Turbo Boosters

Check this out. Here’s how notifications on Alexa work. If you have an Alexa device and you receive a notification, your device will make a sound and start glowing orange. Then, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, what are my notifications” and she’ll tell you. It’s kind of like receiving a text message or an email, but way more attention grabbing.

Here’s how it looks and feels in action:

Pretty cool right?

And keep in mind, this happens on over 200 million Alexa devices every day, around the world. Previously only big brands with deep pockets could use this tech. Now it’s all yours.


How to Send a Notification to People Through Alexa

Now with Shoutworks, we have made it super easy to use this feature to engage your community. Once you’ve created your Alexa skill with the Shoutworks WordPress plugin (make sure you update to the latest version!), you can turn on Alexa notifications right from the “Engage” tab.


And scroll down all the way to the bottom to find it. There it is!

Once your skill is created (in private testing mode), you’ll be able to enable this feature and test it out for yourself. Then you can publish it live.

When you click “Manage Notifications”, you’ll go to the list where you can add, delete, and edit the different notifications you might want to send to your community.

When you get there, click “Add New” and you’ll be able to see the screen below. Whatever you type in is what Alexa says to your users when she reads the notification.

(You can use any title you want, it won’t be seen by the recipient at all.)

As you can see, this is an incredible new way to generate leads for your business—get people to enable your Alexa skill for your useful and inspiring content, then get them to engage more deeply by opting into special offers, promotions, and lead magnets.

But remember, when you press “Publish” the notification will go out to everyone who has enabled your skill immediately. It’s like writing up an email and pressing send. BUT you can also schedule the notification to send at a later date and time you specify.


Scheduling Notifications to Send Later

Yes, you can schedule your notifications to send later. You can even schedule one to send every week if you want to. You could schedule one to send every day, or multiple times a day! You may want to experiment a bit to see what your users like, but that’s up to you.

Here’s how to schedule your Alexa notifications ahead of time. See the “Publish” box on the right-hand side? Click “Edit” next to where it says “Publish Immediately” and here’s what you’ll see:

You can now set the date to any point in the future, press “OK”, and the notification will trigger at that time. There you go, your first Alexa notification is off in the world!

Even after it’s been published once, you can just reschedule it and your notification will send again. Could that be easier?


Any questions? Don’t hesitate to let us know at

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