Boost your
listener numbers

Get a custom Alexa skill for your podcast in just a few clicks, and use it to get more listeners. Welcome to Shoutworks!

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hi, i'm alexa

Three ways this benefits you:

1. Get more listeners

“Hey Alexa, open [my podcast].” With your custom Alexa skill, people will be able to access your podcast SO easily. Plus, Alexa will suggest your podcast to new listeners.

2. Get more people coming back

With Shoutworks, you can send a notification through Alexa when you release a new episode. It lights up their Alexa device, and Alexa speaks your message! These notifications are shown to get 90%+ open rates. That’s really good!

3. Monetize more easily

When your audience reaches a certain size on Alexa, Amazon will pay you cash every month.  We’ll be there every step of the way. Get the revenue stream you’ve been missing!

The top podcasts know that Alexa drives listeners

All the top podcasts have a dedicated, standalone Alexa skill. The difference? They coded theirs. You don’t have to!

top podcasts


Grow your listener numbers

with Alexa

Get access to our one-click Alexa skill creator platform to start growing your listener numbers within the next few minutes.

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Here's how it works


Create an Alexa skill in 30 seconds with the
Shoutworks WordPress plugin

Share your Alexa skill with your audience, and
they’ll start listening hands-free

Send them an Alexa notification when you drop 
a new episode and watch the numbers climb

Then, on your listener's device...

Alexa goes 'boop' and announces your message

Here's the look and feel 👉

notification gif

Alexa notifications have a 90%+ open rate!.

Just type, click, and Alexa delivers.

Wait, how do listeners know my podcast is on Alexa?

2 ways: You tell them and Amazon tells them.

WAY #1

Tell them "hey, my podcast is on Alexa!"

Right after you say "leave us a review on Apple Podcasts"...

throw in, "listen on Amazon Alexa by saying 'Alexa, open [my podcast]'"

We'll give you everything you need to share it everywhere - on your website, newsletters, and social.

WAY #2

Listeners discover you in the Alexa app.

Over 200 million Alexa devices have been sold. All those people are looking for new Alexa skills in the Alexa app.

If you follow our Alexa marketing checklist, your podcast can get featured in front of millions of new eyeballs!


Features to help you grow

Be instantly accessible

Remove all barriers to listening

alexa, open the best ever podcast
alexa announces latest episode

Announce new episodes

Drive more listeners when it matters by sending notifications through Alexa

Share exclusive events

Boost engagement. Get more listeners, leads, and sales

alexa announces a promotion

Sell more merch

Drive hot leads to buy. Sell more, with less effort

When your community is stronger

your podcast is, too.

Use Shoutworks to set up a custom Alexa skill for your podcast in no time flat

It is amazing when people reach out to me and tell me what an impact my Alexa presence has had on them, and that they listened to me on Alexa. That is the kind of thing that gives me the energy to keep going!
Renée Caldera
Mompreneurs Network
Shoutworks was so, so easy to use, and the team has been so helpful and supportive all the way through. They are really a team of people who care about your success and do everything they can to help you succeed. Thanks to Audrey and the team!
Mitch Sonders
Readers & Writers Book Club
Many of my customers actually say they found me through Amazon Alexa. The fact that this channel is so popular yet so underutilized should make you VERY excited. The possibilities for marketing are just mind-blowing!
Jen Lehner
Front Row Media


Grow your listener numbers

with Alexa

Get access to our one-click Alexa skill creator platform to start growing your listener numbers within the next few minutes.

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