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Make your audience grow

Your business health is equal to the number of passionate, engaged fans you have. Shoutworks makes your audience more engaged by letting them access you more easily (“Alexa, open [your brand name]”) and by letting you ping them with notifications that get a 90%+ open rate. That’s right – use this feature wisely!

Shoutworks Standard Plan

Be instantly accessible through 200M+ Alexa devices. Send unlimited Alexa notifications. Grow your number of engaged fans like crazy.

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a month

Limited time offer – price goes up December 1, 2020!

You Get...

All for just 9.99 per month (for now!)

It is amazing when people reach out to me and tell me what an impact my Alexa presence has had on them, and that they listened to me on Alexa. That is the kind of thing that gives me the energy to keep going!
Renée Caldera
Mompreneurs Network
Shoutworks was so, so easy to use, and the team has been so helpful and supportive all the way through. They are really a team of people who care about your success and do everything they can to help you succeed. Thanks to Audrey and the team!
Mitch Sonders
Readers & Writers Book Club
Many of my customers actually say they found me through Amazon Alexa. The fact that this channel is so popular yet so underutilized should make you VERY excited. The possibilities for marketing are just mind-blowing!
Jen Lehner
Front Row Media

Or, get Shoutworks free forever on our Basic Plan.

Are you a nonprofit? Here’s 50% off Shoutworks Standard for life.

* If your Alexa skill becomes one of the top skills in your category, you could get paid each month from Amazon.
Shoutworks takes only 30% plus transaction fees of whatever Amazon pays out based on your skill’s performance.

money back guarantee

If you're ever not satisfied, we'll give your money back, no questions asked.

You’re safe with the best money-back guarantee in business.

Marketing on the cutting edge

Grow your brand, sell more stuff.

Drive 6,000 new leads per day

That's what makers of top Alexa skills say they get after getting 30-40 five star reviews on their skill. Shoutworks is built to help you get there, zero coding needed.

Drive sales with 99% open rates

Boost sales for a new promotion by sending out an Alexa Notification - and when Alexa rings, people answer.

Get closer to your audience

Engage people hands-free, every day and every week. Alexa is the virtually unknown secret to becoming the go-to brand name in your category