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Let’s get down to it. Wondering how to get started, or why to leverage voice in the first place? Looking for inspiration for how to create your first voice experience? Look no further!

How to Change Your Site Permalinks on WordPress

How to Change Your Site Permalinks on WordPress In order for Shoutworks to do its thing, your WordPress site has
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What Is An Alexa Skill?

An Alexa skill is an app for the Amazon Alexa voice assistant...
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The Shoutworks Free Plan Explained

Yes, you can use Shoutworks for free, forever! Even if you don't get on a paid plan, you can still harness Shoutworks to create an Alexa skill and grow your business...
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Alexa Notifications in Action: An Amazing Lead Generation Tool

You might have thought Alexa was cool before, but now that Shoutworks is equipped to let you send notifications to Alexa users right from your WordPress site…
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LEGO Voice Stories for Alexa Take Playing To a Whole New Level

Whether your toddler is the captain of a fishing boat or a bird traveling far and wide, they can now combine their physical bricks with interactive stories to create amazing playtime adventures...
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How Pringles Turned a Super Bowl Ad Into an Ongoing Voice Experience

Pringles ran a Super Bowl ad about a sad Alexa. Then, they allowed anyone to turn their Alexa the same way, just like in the commercial...
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