Is This An Opportunity Or The End For Developers?

I’ll bet June 29th 2007 seems like a lifetime ago… That was the day Steve Jobs stepped onto a Moscone Center stage in San Francisco to introduce the first iPhone. There was nothing like this device before. True innovation is rare but the iPhone pushed the innovation envelope and a new industry was born that day.

Is there any doubt the iPhone changed the world?

It took a few years for the iPhone ecosystem to build-up. If you were a smart developer ready to pivot and help your clients move to the revolutionary new iPhone platform you were about to experience some great times. But if you refused to realize Apple was changing the way people would use the internet forever your phone rang less. People who previously relied on your technology services began to doubt your capabilities. You would lose their confidence and never hear from them again.  Developers ready to embrace the new platform thrived as over 50% of internet use moved to mobile devices.

It’s sad that Steve Jobs is not with us anymore. In his absence Apple has continued to innovate but as at different level. When a vacuum is created someone else will usually fill the void. Another innovator set on changing the world will surface.

Who has emerged as the current consumer electronics visionary figure?

On November 6, 2014 Amazon’s Jeff Bezos introduced the first Amazon Alexa smart speaker and they have feverishly improved it for the last six years. They have added new devices, capabilities, and vastly upgraded the voice recognition technology.

But most of all, the Amazon Alexa has been embraced by people all over the world. There are over 150 million Alexa devices and Amazon has created a way for over 4 Billion smartphones, tablets, and personal computers to become Alexa enabled.

And during this COVID-19 lock-down Alexa use has skyrocketed as people depend on these voice devices more then ever.

Maybe you think voice is a fad…

Voice is the primary way we communicate. Sure, you probably type a lot on keyboards but when you really want something done, and you want it now, you use voice.

Voice has been around for over 200,000 years. It’s not going away. In fact, as the numbers show it is increasing!

So, what does this mean for developers?

Like when mobile device use skyrocketed, this can either be a great opportunity or the end for developers. As web site operators and owners realize voice needs to be another channel for engaging their communities, customers, and people they will expect developers to provide the solution.

Will developers bury their heads in the sand or be ready to pivot into supporting Voice?

There are three forces at play here:

  • Show Technology Leadership – As we have shown, voice devices today are at a similar phase as mobile devices were a few years back. More and more people are using voice devices to access content and websites are behind the times when it comes to being voice enabled.  Developers always want to appear as technology knowledgeable partners to their client (the website operator/owner). As Alexa voice use expands, Developers need to be sure their clients know they are “well ahead of the technology curve” and assure their WordPress website is ready and working with voice. Why risk losing a client to another developer just because the developer falls short on Alexa Voice Enabling expertise.  Especially with new potential clients.  What would happen if the Developer told clients a year ago that they did not know how to make websites operate on mobile devices?
  • Re-Engage With Past Clients – Talking about voice enabling a past client’s website gives the developer a reason to engage with the past clients again to inform them about the coming wave of voice devices and use. If the client decides to voice enable their site the client may have other things on their wish list they want done, too. And even if the developer offers to voice enable the web site with Shoutworks at no charge to the client, maybe the client will want other work done resulting in additional billable hours.
  • Making Some Extra Money – Most people will not turn down a chance to collect some extra fees. Installing the Shoutworks plugin on past project websites and new project websites will result in additional revenues for the developer from fees paid by Shoutworks for “Verified Shoutworks Subscriptions”

So, this looks like a win-win-win for the developer… They look smarter to their past clients and prospects, they get a chance for some additional development billings, and they collect additional fees from Shoutworks.

What exactly does Shoutworks do?

The Shoutworks WordPress plugin and proprietary Patented technology does all the work. Our AI automatically and nearly instantly voice enables web site blog content and provides other ways for the user to Inform, Engage, Sell and Support through Amazon Alexa from the familiar WordPress user interface.

To learn more, email Shoutworks at .


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