How the BBC gets 2 million users per week on voice assistants


The BBC has served nearly a billion pieces of content via voice assistants since they launched their presence on Amazon Alexa and Google Home in 2017.

That’s a whole lot of content.

And yes, they are getting 1.5 – 2 million active users per week through these channels as we speak.

When you look at these numbers, it’s no surprise that the BBC is investing heavily in voice. Voice has become the preferred way for millions of people to consume BBC content.

How do they do it?

  1. They reuse content they already have. They’re broadcasting the news, shows, and series that everyone knows and loves in a more convenient medium.
  2. They make it simple. The skills we publish through Shoutworks are designed to be best-in-market out of the box, so our users can get a BBC-like experience without the investment.
  3. They keep it fresh. The key to growing voice engagement is to keep the content up-to-the minute, so people can tune in for the latest from Alexa.

And it’s not just BBC content they’re consuming.

The BBC is huge, and as a voice trailblazer they’ve shown the way. They’ve paid the price for amassing such an audience on these platforms, spending thousands upon thousands to professional voice developers to create their voice experiences.

But here’s something the expensive voice developers don’t want you to know…

Anyone can now create an Alexa skill in about 5 minutes. With Shoutworks, your new skill can use your existing website content, so there’s no extra work involved.

Give it a try for FREE today and you’ll also receive $1,050 in discounts on essential services for your business like graphic design, a virtual assistant, custom swag, and more.

It’s time to take some of the attention the BBC is getting for yourself.

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