How Can A “Quote Of The Day” Increase Your Web Page Engagement?

Sometimes people just want a little nibble of delight and an interesting, humorous, thought provoking quote can be just what they need.  It’s a daily dose of something special that you can offer your audience and now they can hear what you have curated for them on their Alexa.

It will take you just a few minutes to find and post quotes using the Shoutworks plugin and within seconds your audience can hear what you have selected for them.  Hopefully it will make them smile.

If you can hook them, it will become a daily habit that will greatly increase your website/content engagement. It can also get people talking about your website. We call this the water cooler effect.

A smart person like you is probably thinking: why Alexa?  I can just post the quotes on my web page and get people to visit my site.

The problem is that your website is not everywhere, but the Alexa is virtually everywhere and easy to use.

Picture this… It’s six in the morning and one of your people wakes up… They ask their Alexa the weather (could be good or could be bad) and traffic (probably bad) then they ask for your quote of the day… “If at first you don’t succeed, then sky diving is not for you. Take that one off your to do list.”

You just made someone smile!

With Shoutworks you can take a few minutes once a week and set up quotes for the entire week.  The same way you set the time and date for a blog post, you can set the day you want the quote to go live. Why not just set up quotes for the whole month?

It’s easy to find some great quotes. See the list at the end of the article to get you started. If you find quotes that make you smile, laugh, or surprise you… Then you can be sure they will delight others.

Here are the steps to set up your daily quotes:

1) Log into your WordPress Dashboard then click on Quotes of the day. Then click on the [ Add Quote Of The Day ] button.

2) Type in your Quote Title and the quote, set the publish date/time, then click on the [ Publish ] button. That’s it… The Alexa will now read your quote.

3) You can use the steps above to post your quotes for the week or month. Just set the publish date/time and Alexa is pretty smart about this kind of stuff.
See below for some links to places you can find some interesting quotes.

There are millions of places with interesting quotes out on the internet.

If you have a specific area of interest then just google something like “Quote about Vegan Cooking” and see what comes up.

Starter sources for quotes ———————————————————————-

Humorous Quotes:

Travel Quotes:

Healthy Living Quotes:

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