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Inspire, inform, and engage people through your own branded Alexa skill. Done in 5 minutes from WordPress, using your existing content, FREE. It’s simple: 

1. You click the “Publish” button in Shoutworks.

2. Alexa narrates your blog posts, snackable travel tips, promotions, and more on over 200 million devices.

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"Many of my customers say they found me through Alexa. The possibilities for marketers are just mind blowing."

Jen Lehner, Front Row Media

"Great tool and great customer service. I recommend Shoutworks to anyone who uses WordPress."

Mitch S., Readers & Writers Book Club

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"It's amazing when people reach out to let me know they listened to me on Alexa. That gives me the energy to keep going!"

Sandra Centorino, A Dose of Positive Energy

Hear it in action

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Say “Alexa, open Luxe Adventure Traveler”

Join Jennifer and Tim, an adventure couple who love a bit of luxury at the end of the day. Get inspired and listen to their adventure travel stories!


As easy as copy-paste

Set it up in 30 sec

Published in a flash. Guaranteed uptime. When you change in WordPress, Alexa changes too.

Reuse existing content

Just drop your content, title, and image, and your Amazon Alexa skill is ready to go live. 100x easier than a podcast!

Inspire loyalty

People will keep coming back to your content, delivered through over 200 million Alexa devices.

Jump on the trend
before everyone does

Over one-third of US adults have a smart speaker. Now you can activate this powerful channel in under 5 minutes with no technical skills at all.

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