Could These Three Critical Errors Derail Your Web Page?

You have taken the time and spent money to build a great webpage and it is essential to your readers, community, business, or people… But have you missed three important elements? Missing these three simple things could make your website look out-of-step, drastically reduce engagement, and actually repel site visitors.

Read on for the three critical website errors and ways to quickly solve them…  One is free and takes one click to engage up to 4 Billion people.

In a world with so many distractions, the average person can only stay focused for eight seconds at a time, some even less. What does that mean for your website?

Simply put… You have one chance to impress site visitors and they are not always in front of a traditional personal computer when they want to engage with your website.  If you miss that chance to engage visitors, there are another ten billion places waiting for them.  Ready to take them away from you.

All hope is not lost. There are many suggestions for ways to better engage site visitors but it all comes down to these three things. If you get them right, you should be okay. If you get them wrong, your hard work could be for nothing.

  1. Speed up your website – When someone arrives at your web page it should load instantly. A slow initial experience will make people reluctant to further engage with the website. They just don’t have the time to wait.There are a few tools to check your site load speed including Google Analytics but I like one click-solutions. Go to and enter your website URL. You will get all the stats and details needed to light a fire under your tech people to cut precious seconds off your website load time.
  1. What do you do and why do I need you? – No matter how people arrive at your website you have about one second to reinforce that they are at the right place and tell them what you can do for them.I’m talking about your “Eight Words” or less that clearly states what you do.So many beautifully designed and fast web pages fall short on this. People arrive and have no idea what the site is doing. Then “bam” they are gone. Forever. Remember there are billions of other web sites out there screaming for attention.You may already have your eight words, but is it really communicating well with your largest possible audience?  Luckily, there is a one-click solution for this also…  The first section of this handy “Cheatsheet” shows the quick and essential steps to create the eight words that will perfectly communicate a what you do. With the right eight words, the sky is the limit.
  1. Are you where your people are? – All of them… Your clients, community, readers, customers, and people are not always in front of their computers. They could be using one of the billions of mobile devices, tablets, or voice devices.A few years back websites were caught off guard when mobile device and tablet use exploded. Now well over 50% of all web access is from mobile devices. Hopefully your web site has a mobile responsive design. If not, you are cutting out over 50% of your possible visitors.And now, smart voice device use is similarly growing exponentially…  Is it any surprise people gravitate to voice? It has been our go-to way to communicate for over 200,000 years. When they want something done now, most people use voice!

There are over 150+ Million Alexa Devices and 4.5+ Billion Alexa-Ready devices in the world. And growing. If you aren’t there today, you may be missing a big chunk of potential people.

Of course, there is a one-click solution to voice enable your web content. It’s fast, free, and AI driven so all the programming work is automatic. With one click you will hear your web content spoken by your Alexa device.

Shoutworks is a fully automated one-click AI Powered Amazon Alexa Voice Skill creator that voice enables content from WordPress web pages so your users can hear your content wherever they may be located.

Why use voice to reach your people? Alexa devices and their hundreds of millions of owners are sitting in living rooms and kitchens all over the world just waiting to hear your valuable content.

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