7 Huge Announcements From Amazon’s Alexa and Echo Devices Event

Amazon unveiled a new Echo device, some exciting new features for Alexa, a flying home security drone and more in their fall Alexa devices event. Let’s dive into the announcements made last week.

Amazon Echo new design 2020

1. The New Spherical Amazon Echo

The totally redesigned version of Amazon’s classic smart speaker has some awesome new features. It’s equipped with “adaptive sound” from Dolby, has Zigbee support, and functions as an Amazon Sidewalk bridge, which means it can connect with the upcoming Amazon Sidewalk network that connects all your devices together (and can even connect with your neighbors’ devices!) for added security and convenience.

New devices are available starting at $49.99 from October 22nd.


Amazon Echo Show Looks at You

2. The Echo Show 10: With Screen That Moves to Look At You

The new Echo Show 10 is fixed to a base that can move the screen to look at you. It moves to make sure you can still see, even as you walk around the room. There’s no exact release date for the new device yet, but preorders have already begun (see the link above).


3. Amazon Reveals a New Microchip to Make Alexa’s Responses Faster

It’s called the AZ1 Neural Edge, and developed with a company called MediaTek, the new microprocessor is designed to make Alexa lightning-fast. It will do this by allowing Alexa to process more commands on the device itself. The new chip will ship inside the new generation of Echo devices.


4. Alexa Can Talk to Multiple People at Once

She can even ask clarifying questions. Amazon staged a demo of the new functionality showing two people using Alexa to order a pizza. Alexa was able to understand when the two people were talking to her and when they were talking to each other. Pretty cool, huh?


Ring Flying Home Security Drone
Image credit: Ring

5. Ring Launches A Flying Home Security Drone

It is what it sounds (and looks) like: A camera attached to a drone that flies around inside your house. Called the Always Home Cam, it gives you a look into any room in your house whenever you want. When it’s done, it will fly itself back to its dock and charge up its batteries.


Amazon Luna Gaming Service
Image: Amazon

6. Amazon Announces A Cloud Gaming Service Called Luna (With Its Own Controller)

Apparently this has been in the works for some time, and will initially be available for PC, Mac, Fire TV, iPhone and iPad, with an Android version due out a bit later. You can request early access if you’re in the US. Players who pay the $5.99/month introductory price will get access to over 100 titles from some of the top game makers, including Ubisoft.


Echo Show Netflix
Image: The Verge

7. The New Echo Show Gets Netflix

If you have an Echo Show already, you already have access to Amazon Prime and Hulu. But now you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows on Netflix, too.


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