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Cut through the noise to drive leads and engagement

Shoutworks is a powerful new marketing platform that helps you engage your audience through Amazon Alexa. That’s right, the voice assistant!

How, you ask? Shoutworks lets you send notifications through Alexa (with a 90%+ open rate), so you can leverage 200 million Alexa devices to drive leads, conversions, and revenue.

It feels good to finally be heard!

Available on WordPress

See it in action!

See how Alexa notifications work

Introducing the most powerful new way to generate leads & conversions.

Shoutworks lets you send notifications to customers through Alexa, which in our tests get over 90% open rates and can drive massive spikes in conversion and sales. Curious how this works? Click here to learn more.

200+ million Alexa devices are now your always-on, in-home representatives.

Now you can grow and monetize your audience faster with Amazon Alexa.

What's your goal? Click the card to see how Shoutworks can help you achieve it!

The voice revolution has officially begun!

There are now over 200 million Alexa devices and over 4 billion devices where Alexa can be accessed.

And usage has increased in confinement. Catch up with the trend NOW!

Focus on your customers, not the code.

No need to create all-new content, or suffer for hours in front of a confusing developer-oriented interface. Just install the Shoutworks AI Plugin on your WordPress site, and leave the rest to us. In minutes, your content will really sing!

Inform, Engage, Sell, & Support with Voice!

There is no faster, easier, less expensive way to voice enable your business. Guaranteed.

You’re protected by the Shoutworks 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied or didn’t get what you expected, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Be where your people are.​

Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with people where ever they area and whatever they are doing. Extend your reach and engagement by using Shoutworks One-click technology to harness the ancient power of voice.

What? You don't have an Alexa device yet?

Let's fix this right now... There are two ways to get Alexa talking to you.

Click this button and Amazon will get you an Alexa device tomorrow (if not sooner).


Click this button to get Alexa on your smartphone, tablet or PC right now.

Alexa was built to delight people. Why not your people?

There’s a reason Alexa is accessible on over 4 billion devices!

Get in front of people with your own custom voice content on any Alexa device in minutes, with Shoutworks.

By clicking “Send My Voicescore”, you certify that you have read and agree to the Shoutworks Terms of Service.

Grow your business with voice!

There is no faster, easier way to start generating leads, engaging your audience, and growing revenue through voice. Guaranteed.

You are protected by the Shoutworks 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If for any reason you are not 100% totally satisfied with the Shoutworks service we will refund your previous month’s charge. No questions asked.

Engage Your Audience

Alexa, open my favorite travel blog

Alexa answers in your words

You provide the script, Alexa does the rest. With the click of a button Shoutworks magically transforms your words into a custom Alexa skill. Now Alexa narrates your content in her voice.

Interact with anyone, anywhere

Don't force people to look at a screen in order to consume your content. Let them listen to you while jogging, doing dishes, whatever and wherever!

Have a chatbot on your website? This is just like that... except Alexa sits in living rooms, in kitchens, and on phones everywhere.


Get More Leads

The chatbot that sits
in the living room

Capture email addresses

Users say "I'm in" and Alexa sends you their email address, so you can follow up with your valuable offers.

Create brand loyalty

When people spend time interacting with you through Alexa, they're 1,350% more likely to remember you.

Become a habit

Add value in your community's everyday lives. They will continue coming back... and they'll spread the word!

Increase Sales

Turn existing content into revenue in your cash register

Run deals, promos, and discounts

Stay top-of-mind. Share coupon codes and special promotions through Alexa. Users say "I'm in" and you can automatically send them the link to buy.

Take orders seamlessly

People can now place orders from you through Alexa. Instead of ordering over the phone, Alexa will take down their order and transmit it directly to you.

Automate Support

Let Alexa take support tasks off your plate

Alexa is your in-home support agent

Take “Contact us” to a whole new level. When someone needs your help, Alexa listens to their message and sends it to your support email.

Be Just a "Hey Alexa" Away

Be the emerging standard in customer support. Whenever people feel the urge to ask for help, share an insight, give feedback, or say thanks... Allow them to do it without touching a thing.

The Sciencey Stuff...

You can skip right over this section if you want. It’s pretty boring… Unless you are an engineer or patent attorney. Or have insomnia.

I’ll bet you thought this whole voice and artificial intelligence revolution started a few years ago somewhere in Silicon Valley or up in Seattle. You just might be wrong…

Some of the Shoutworks team members working in Chicago released their first voice product back in 1983… It won a few prizes, and many accolades back in the day. Since then they have been racking up a few Artificial Intelligence Patents.

This Sciencey stuff is difficult, painful, and expensive. That’s why we have the US Patent system. To protect innovators like us.

The Shoutworks end-to-end voice enabling technology looks simple. We built that way. But it is protected by US Patent No. 16/673,333.

This is the reason why you will not find anything like the Shoutworks service anywhere else. If you, do let us know. Our lawyers would love to have a chat with you.

Coming Soon!

Soon Shoutworks will be available for other webpage builders like Squarespace, WIX, Shopify, and more…

And… If you don’t have a web page you will be able to use our Shoutworks web based service to Inform, Engage, Sell, and Support with our stand-alone service that will even give you a customizable web identity of your own. And of course it will use voice! Like you’ve never heard before.

The Alexa is not the only game in town so expect Shoutworks to give you a voice on Apple Siri, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana… Did we leave anything out?

It's quick, easy, and free.

Or opt in to a paid plan packed with more features for just $9.99 a month. Are you a nonprofit? If yes, we’ve got a special discount for you.